Tips for Cheap Car Shipping

Car shipping is a convenient service when you want to move your car across the country without getting behind the wheel or using a plane or train. Shipping via carriers is safe, and fast, and since all the work is done by professionals, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Once you drive your four-wheeler on the shipping trailer, you can have peace of mind. Car transportation companies strive to do their job as well as possible while providing clients with a guarantee of a well-done service. Of course, they carry the necessary insurance, so you’re covered in case of an accident and damage to your vehicle.

Transporting your vehicle via shippers is a service that has its price. Carriers most often charge their rates depending on the destination, type of vehicle, and transportation method. But it doesn’t mean these rates are set in stone. There are several things you can do to secure better shipping deals and lower rates.

Opt for Open Transport

While researching an available carrier to ship your car, you probably saw that these companies offer different services. These are open and enclosed methods, i.e., vehicle transport on open trailers or inside shipping containers or enclosed trailers. Both options have their pros and cons, and their prices differ.

If you want to save on car shipping, choose open transportation. Companies use this method to transport a large number of vehicles in one trip, for which they use huge open trailers. In this way, they optimize hauling costs, which is why they can offer lower rates for this service to clients.

Open transportation is a safe shipping method because carriers have special techniques for loading vehicles onto these huge trailers and securing them. Of course, the shipping truck is driven by professional drivers, so the chances of anything happening during transport are minimal. 

Still, open trailers are not a good choice for classic, luxury, and expensive vehicles. If you own one of these, always prefer to use enclosed trailers and eliminate every risk of the slightest damage on your costly four-wheeler.

Choose Terminal-to-Terminal Service

Car transportation companies try to please customers as much as possible and provide them with maximum convenience. Thus, many carriers offer door-to-door service. The client only needs to book the service and everything else will be done by the carrier’s employees. 

This service really comes in handy when you don’t want to worry about car shipping. Also, door-to-door service is desirable even if you ship your car to a remote location and there’s no shipping terminal nearby. But it comes with a price tag.

But, if your new address is on a route that shippers often use or is located near one of their terminals, you can use that to get lower shipping rates. Terminal-to-terminal service means you drive the car to and from these spots. So, if you have flexibility for pickup and delivery locations, and it doesn’t take too much time, you can save a lot. On this source, find more helpful tips for shipping your four-wheeler.

Book Early

Car shippers are always busy, but some periods are busier than others. It’s usually in spring and summer and around holidays and weekends. That’s when most people use their services, and an increased offer triggers higher prices. If you still have to ship your vehicle in this period, at least try to book this service earlier.

If you’re not strictly bound to the date or season for moving your vehicle, you should do that during less busy days and months. For example, late fall and winter are generally less active (except around holidays), as are weekdays. It can often happen that shippers have empty places for those dates, and they’re willing to offer them at lower prices.

Use Broker Service

You may think that involving a third party in car transportation carries additional costs. True, you have to pay for a broker’s service but think of it as an investment. A good broker can find great shipping deals and save you more money than you paid them. They can gather multiple quotes on your behalf, thus saving you a lot of time and nerves.

Brokers have a network of haulers with whom they regularly cooperate and who inform them about free spots in trailers for certain routes. By knowing that, you can hire a broker to collect bids from various haulers and find cheap car shipping quotes in no time. Besides, brokers ensure the entire process goes smoothly, take care of all paperwork, and handle possible issues with a transportation company.

There are several ways to ensure lower car transportation rates, like opting for open transport, choosing terminal-to-terminal service, booking early, and using broker service. These are all ways to save money while still enjoying a safe and reliable car shipping experience.

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