Top 20 Creative Logo Design Ideas

Innovation is trending high now, whereby we are entering a new year, and the designing graphic industry is flourishing. Every passing phase in the current times brings together a new place to explore. Logo design is thriving with bubbling creative ideas that are truly attractive and explosive in terms of popularity. Let us explore the top 20 creative logo designs which have been taking the graphic industry by storm in recent times:  

Gradients logo

In the last few years, gradient logos designs have become very modern and among the industry’s top logo designs. Designhill experts say that these modern logos provide a 3d effect to the designs, making them pop off the screen. These are very attractive and instantly attract the audience’s attraction. The designer at Designhill is much influenced by this trend, which is expected to explore its full potential soon for getting its consumers’ fascinating logos that reflect the gradient style.

Retro style logos

When it comes to some classic designer logo designs, it is believed that the retro style logo designs always last in fashion. However, it reveals the 80’s designer classics with lots of neon, chromium, and pixels elements imbibed in it.

Hand drew logo designs.

As we all know, creativity, precision, and innovation win the audience and their attraction. The hand-drawn logos with decorative calligraphy style logos greatly interest the individuals, giving the logos an authentic and rustic appearance. Any companies dealing in organic and natural products are up for this hand-drawn logo for their companies.

Thin line logos

Minimalistic design is a popular choice in the current era. Designhill has experts producing thin lines evoking logo designs through linear shapes and elements using minimalistic colors and compositions of monochromatic colors.

Overlapping logos

Overlapping logos, another popular logo design theme, is gaining popularity where one single letter overlaps another shape or letter. Using this trend, the designers are using multilayers to create complex logos that help companies convey their products and services better. Designhill has experts to create customized overlapping loge to represent your brand as you desire.

Daring typography

When it comes to logo designs, typography has a crucial role to play. No matter how great the logo design is, it will surely destroy everything if you have a wring typography. Hence, get yourself to aid in Designhill services to get experts’ minds to create logos that encompasses funky designs you can use with daring fonts and assured success.

Motion graphic and video logos

We often think of logo designs to be still, but at Designhill, we are highly interested in getting our consumers evolving logos, motion graphics, and videos. It is a huge success factor in advertising, and the trend seems to be picking up fast!

Abstract logos

Abstract logs are popular among various brands that play safe with colors within the lines. These are imaginative designs for logos, ensuring that the visual elements are presented in the most aesthetically pleasing manner!

Responsive design

This logo design is recently on a pick-up trend gaining popularity. These are dimensional logos of various colors as shapes which exhibit power and bold pictures.

Cartoon animated logos

Animated logos are also a new entry to the world of logo designs. Designhill has experts top turn conventional logos into amazing animated logos, which are elaborate and artistic. This trend of cartoon animated logos is here to last!

Geometrical logo designs

Geometrical shape logos are simply recognizable, and traditional logos, which has Color pallets and designs of geometrical shapes highly popular today!

Metallic logos

The metallic logos are taking center stage in popularity. These are trendy and gives a shiny look making the simplest logo design stand out bright and attractive.

Semi transparency in logos

The transparent logos are very much in fashion, and they look quite cool. Transparent logos are used popularly by the brand to build consumers’ trust, and one can experiment with various Color palates with transparent logos.

Negative space logo designs

Designhill experts are popularly utilizing the latest trends of the negative space logo. A logo manifests a hidden meaning and represents the primary vision of your company. A logo that uses a background image for creating another logo on it is called a negative logo by the graphics experts.

The space between the words or letters and a graphic representation is a perfect example of a negative space logo.

Monogram design logos

The monogram logos are popular for a long and highly interactive to symbolize a brand through its logo. It is a perfect choice of logo designs for coffee shops, restaurants, and brands that sells clothing.

Chaotic arrangement logo design

It is another popular trend in which the logo designs industry has taken up. The asymmetrical and chaotic arrangements are a very powerful visual to attract consumers’ attention and gain your brand presence. It is a powerful technique used by designers from Designhill to create impressive wonder logos.

Bright Colors logos

The logo designs which utilize bright colors play a significant psychological effect. Colors evoke great emotions, and Designhill experts know how to use bright colors in logos to enhance a brand perfectly.

Dynamic Logos

The dynamic logos are excellent trending ones to target the audience. It is an excellent way to modify and enhance the brand.

Responsive logos

Responsive design logos never go out of trend. For instance coca cola, Walt Disney or channel. These highly popular trending brands utilize the responsive logo designs which fit the shape, dimension, shades, and colors as desired. It is powerful and bold.

 Abstract logos

Abstract logos are ones that play safe with colors. It is the imaginative and powerful innovative, creative ideas using abstract concept designs by Designhill experts that the abstract logo designs are so enhancing and appealing.

The Takeaway

The logo designs give us a way to breathe fresh new life into your brand. Before you implement anything, these creative logo ideas must be considered to represent your brand most suitably. These logo designs are sure to leave a lasting impression!

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