Top 5 Rigid Boxes with Latest Technology!

Luxury products required a luxury packaging box to keep their standard. You might have heard a famous quote that “A book can be judged by its cover.” Similarly, when you buy a luxury or high-cost product, you expect to have high-quality luxury packaging as well. If you don’t find one, that might disappoint you. Although the luxury packaging such as custom rigid boxes is a bit costly, when you sell a $1000 product, you can spend $20 on the luxury packaging to maintain your product quality or standard.

There are many types of rigid boxes you probably find in the market. But don’t know which one is best for your product. This is the most confusion that people ask, and packaging companies have to answer. A professional packaging and printing company always suggests the best possible rigid box style for your products. So, whenever you search for custom product packaging for your premium products, you should ask a renowned packaging company to show various types of rigid box templates that they can customize. In this way, you find the best appealing and result in an oriented custom rigid box for your business.

Following, we have discussed all of the names of the custom rigid boxes. So, check them out and read till the end. Please note that the details about rigid packaging cannot be covered in a single guide, especially about the printing technologies that are used on it. To know more about printing technologies, you can visit any good packaging and printing magazine.

Types of the Custom Rigid Boxes

  • One-Piece Rigid Boxes
  • Two-Piece Rigid Box
  • Three Piece Rigid Boxes
  • Foldable Rigid Boxes
  • Die Cut Rigid Boxes

Now, let’s discuss some details of each type and category.

One-Piece Rigid Boxes

This type of rigid box is the most commonly used for premium products. The most important factor of deployment of this type in a huge number is its cost-effectiveness. This rigid box is mostly used to pack accessories, perfumes, gifts, jewelry, and many other luxury goods.

Two-Piece Rigid Boxes

A two-piece rigid box is also very in demand due to its elegant effect that attracts users to that particular product compared to the other products. Although these rigid boxes are a bit costly compared to the single piece, they are best in business into the retail market of the premium products. You probably see mobile phones, heavy luxury items, luxury candles extras are packed into the two-piece rigid box.

Three Piece Rigid Boxes

It is also an attractive addition to the rigid packaging boxes, but not well in demand due to its high cost. Although it gives a unique look to your products with a three-piece rigid box, it is quite difficult to manage the cost of the product, and eventually, retailers have to add the packaging cost to the product price.

Foldable Rigid Boxes

Foldable rigid boxes are most economical in the rigid boxes family. Due to the foldability factor, you need quite a small space to keep your 100-1000 foldable rigid boxes safely than the other rigid box types. Another huge difference that attracts many clients towards the foldable rigid boxes is the cost per box. Each of the businesses always tries to save a bit of money from the overall cost of production, and foldable rigid boxes contribute huge savings.

Most people use ribbon to enhance the overall outlook that, for sure, attracts many of the people/customers towards your product.

Die Cut Rigid Boxes

They are another pretty attractive option we see in the rigid box family. A custom die-cut rigid box can increase your product’s chances of selling incredibly just because people can see the product quality without opening the packaging. Moreover, a window rigid box also creates a captivating effect that draws customer attention towards your product even if 100 other products lie down with the respective custom die-cut rigid box.

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