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Top 6 Uses of Plywood you must know

Plywood is a relatively common part of building a house. You might not even know that some of your favorite home décors are made by none other than plywood. But do keep in mind that this plywood should be of the best quality! Plywood suppliers in Melbourne are many but research before finalizing the brand to trust.

Well, swiftly moving on, through this article, you will see the top six plywood uses that you were living under a rock about. Read on and get surprised.

1. Interior Walls

Yes, you didn’t see this coming, did you? The building of interior walls involves the use of plywood. It is used in the inner layer, mainly responsible for backing those walls of your house. You can utilize low-grade plywood in the wall interiors and cover them up with drywall or chip-rock to save some bucks.

2. Exterior Wall Sheathing

North America is renowned for having plywood on its exterior walls. These are generally skinned with exterior-grade plywood sheeting. Read more about Learn How Montage kitchen keeps alive the beauty of your kitchen?

The primary purpose of plywood is to fasten these studs in a bunch to add more strength to the house’s frame. So, these panels will help prevent vertical or horizontal shifting, keeping the structure intact and square.

3. Roofing

This is a rather everyday use of plywood. Because of its thin and lightweight nature, plywood becomes an excellent backing for those shingles.

Moreover, plywood is pretty durable, so it can carry a lot of weight, considering you buy high-quality ones. Be sure to check out plywood suppliers in Melbourne to know the top-notch options available.

4. Flooring

Plywood is also used for flooring. The process is called subflooring to create the layer of the floor, which is just below the main one. It is not used for the floor directly because plywood isn’t the most visually appealing option out there. Along with that, you could use other far more durable options for the main floor.

The ones to be used much be highly resistant to wear and tear since the main layer faces the brunt of most accidents. Subflooring, on the contrary, has quite literally equated to plywood. Due to the cross-grain pattern of plywood, it can take weight but is very flexible at the same time. Also, if you try to look harder, you will find plywood that is even moisture resistant. This plywood property will help keep the main floors dry and completely safe from any damage.

5. Shed Building

Plywoods are pretty commonly seen on garden sheds as well. The factors of being inexpensive, resistant, and durable come into play for establishing its win in this department.

What other choice do you have? Wood. While that may be enticing, the money you spent on building a shed out of it is going to be a lot. To save those extra bucks, go for plywood.

6. Cabinets and Furniture

You can build all types of furniture with plywood. These include cabinets, shelves, tables, and the list goes on and on. Additionally, use highly high-grade sheets without any knots and with minimum texture.

That’s it, people! The top 6 uses of plywood. While these are the ones we listed, plywood also finds usage in various industries and environments. Next time, when you look for a durable yet cheap material for your furniture, you know where to turn to.

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