Top Three Geriatric Diseases, their Symptoms and Treatment Options: All You Need to Know

Old age has its ups and downs. On one hand, you get to relax for a bit as the financial responsibilities on your shoulders are relatively eased. However, on the other hand, your health starts deteriorating and you end up in a very sensitive place.

In this guide today, I’m going to highlight three of the most common geriatric diseases, their symptoms, and treatment options. In case you or any of your loved ones ever go through it, you’ll know what to do. Have a look:


The first and the most common issue that hits people in old age is dementia. It’s the loss of cognitive functioning, including your reasoning, remembering, and thinking skills, to an extent that it starts interfering with your everyday life activities.

People with dementia find it hard to control their emotions and that changes their entire personalities. As per the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), more than 55 million people from around the world have dementia.

Symptoms of Dementia 

  • Memory amnesia, confusion, and weak judgment
  • Repeating questions and disorientation
  • Trouble handling everyday life issues
  • Poor cognitive maps; getting lost in familiar places
  • Difficulty understanding things and expressing thoughts

Treatment of Dementia

There is currently no cure for dementia; however, a few medications can help. They include:

  • Cholinesterase inhibitors
  • Memantine

Apart from that, several medicinal herbs can delay the onset of symptoms of dementia. Medical marijuana happens to be one of them. For that, there are a variety of marijuana strains available at SwiftGreen.


Diabetes is a long-lasting and in some cases, lifelong illness. It affects how your body turns food into energy. As you know, the food you eat is broken down into glucose and then released into the bloodstream.

In diabetes, your body’s blood glucose level is either too high or too low. As mentioned by the American Diabetes Association, around 37.3 million adults in the US are living with diabetes. The disease is more common among older adults; hence, included in geriatric diseases.

Symptoms of Diabetes 

  • Tingling or numbness in hands or feet
  • Feeling very hungry or thirsty
  • Weight loss without even trying
  • Frequent urination, typically at night
  • Lethargy and dry skin
  • Having blurry vision

Treatment of Diabetes 

There are two kinds of diabetes, type 1 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes. For type 1 diabetes, an insulin pump is used or insulin injections are given. For type 2 diabetes, lifestyle changes are recommended so that the disease can be reversed. A healthy diet is mandatory for both kinds. Plus, monitoring blood sugar levels every week is a must.


The third one is osteoarthritis. It’s the most common type of arthritis among old people and it’s one of the leading causes of disabilities in the world. It occurs when the

protective cartilage of your body that cushions your bones wears down. It usually happens with time as you age.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, osteoarthritis affects more than 32 million adults in the US every year. It is further said that the prevalence of

Osteoarthritis is equal among both men and women.

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis 

  • Joint pain or swelling
  • Decreased flexibility or range of motion
  • Persistent muscle stiffness
  • Rashes around the affected joints
  • Bone spurs or grating sensations

Treatment of Osteoarthritis 

Osteoarthritis is treated by a combination of treatment options, which includes medications, hot and cold compresses, muscle strengthening exercises, weight loss, and dietary changes. In case of excessive joint fluid, your physician may also recommend surgical removal of joint fluid. Sometimes, canes or crutches are also used to support the joints.

Life is hard but it comes harder as you age. You don’t feel well physically and that takes a toll on your mental health, too. However, staying positive is the key. I wish

good luck!

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