8 Ultimate Travel Destinations for Movie Geeks

Isn’t it magical to be able to visit the destinations you have seen in one of your favorite movies!

I have known so many hardcore movie fans who have dreamt of exploring the city or country where their favorite movie was actually filmed. Are you such a person and have started saving for this trip as well?

Before you book the flight, remember that everything you see in the movies is not always beautiful in person. To save you the trouble, here’s a list of the top travel destinations that appeared in movies and are worth exploring:

1: Hook and Ladder 8 Fire Station, New York

Anyone who has seen and loved the movie Ghostbusters would wish to visit the iconic Hook and ladder 8 fire station in NYC. This fire station was built in 1903, and it was the first in the series of Beaux-Arts style firehouse in the city.

It was chosen for the movie because the writer knew the area and he liked the building as well. It was only used for shooting exterior scenes.

The same fire station was seen in the movie Hitch and one of the episodes of Seinfeld. If you live in you New York or get a chance to visit NYC and you happen to be a Ghostbuster fan, do check out this fire station. This fire station is as massive as the charter service area.

2: Sydney, Australia

Who doesn’t like Finding Nemo? While most of the action happens underwater (in the Great Barrier Reef), you do get to see the Sydney Harbour in a few scenes.

Sydney Harbour is a place worth visiting if you are happening to visit Australia. Not only is the blue water a delight to watch, but you will also have fun in the Harbour Bridge and Opera House as well. The real-life scene is just as amazing as it was on screen. And yes, you will find seagulls as well.

3: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The city of God is a Brazilian crime film shot in Rio de Janeiro. The story of the movie was adapted from the novel written by Paula Lins. It’s loosely based on real events of crime in Cidade d Deus, a suburb in Rio de Janeiro.

The catchphrase of the movie “If you run, the beast catches you; if you stay, the beast eats you” was everyone’s favorite line after the movie was released.

Rio de Janeiro is a true delight if you would like to taste Brazilian authenticity. On exploring this place, you will get the idea of how hard life must have been for Rocket.

4: Berlin, Germany

The movie Run Lola Run, shot in Berlin was truly epic. It’s was about a woman who only had 20 minutes to save the life of her boyfriend.

The production team was very creative with the movie. It was a mix of cinematic, animation, black and white scenes, and speed ups.

If you are visiting Berlin and you had been a fan of Run Lola Run, do explore Albrechtstrasse. It’s a 3-block road featuring Lola’s apartment and the river Spree.

5: Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Mad Max: Fury Road was an excellent movie, right? Starring Tom Hardy, Nicholas Hoult, and Charlize Theron made a masterpiece thanks to the wondering shooting location i.e. the Skeleton Coast.

The production team decided to shoot most scenes of the film near Swakopmund with Bavarian timber-framed buildings. Visiting and exploring this Skeleton Coast is going to be an awe-inspiring trip.

6: Las Vegas, US

Hangover, shot in Las Vegas, was more than a fun movie. The key locations where the movie was shot include Caesars Palace Hostel Cat (Which was renamed the Best Little Chapel, especially for the movie) and the Nevada Desert which was basically outside the city. This desert was the place where the Wolfpack met Mr. Chow.

7: Tangier, Morocco

Spectre, the Bond installment was shot in many countries including Mexico, Rome, and Austria. One of the most impressive locations from the movie was Tangier in Morocco.

Tangier is the place where Bond and Dr. Madeleine Swann meet. Dr. Swan escaped from Austria and is living in hotel L’Américain, exploring the wonderful souks, markets, and side streets of the city. Tangier’s streets are just as beautiful as seen in the actual movie. You will be thrilled to witness the beauty and culture.

8: New Zealand

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of the movies that kick-started film tourism as it revealed the unappalled beauty of New Zealand.

There’s a whole bucket list of places to visit starting from Matamata, Rivdenll, Gardens of Isengard to Osgiliath Wood, and River Anduin. These beautiful places are a feast for the eyes just like Charter Spectrum Internet plans are a feast for avid online gamers.

Pick a date and choose one of these tops destinations to witness the beauty from the naked eye.

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