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Vinyl Sheet Flooring | Pros and Cons

It’s time for home renovating, and the most obvious thing you have to spend on is the flooring. Perhaps there are many flooring options, but one must have triggered you with the excellent look and incredible style-Vinyl sheet flooring. Like other flooring types, vinyl sheet is also one of the most used floorings in the USA.

But before buying this flooring, you may need to get familiar with its associated pros and cons that will help you make the right decision. So before finalizing any other flooring for your commercial or residential space, let’s get started to read about the pros and cons of sheet vinyl flooring.

Pros of Vinyl Sheet Flooring:

  • Waterproof

Perhaps the most significant advantage of sheet vinyl flooring is its good water resistance properties/it is made up of the materials such as polyvinyl chloride that makes it an excellent option for water-prone areas. Vinyl sheets are a perfect choice for any room. You can use it anywhere, but its works in an extraordinary way in kitchens, laundries, and mudrooms.

  • Stain Resistant

Vinyl sheets with printed designs have strong wear layers that serve as protective barriers against stains and spills. This additional wear layer makes the vinyl easy to clean and maintain. On the contrary, vinyl composite tiles do not own such layers and are highly vulnerable to developing stains and scratches. In this case, you have to clean the floors daily thoroughly.

  • Comfort

Vinyl sheets provide a comfortable walk. They are softer underfoot than the hardwood flooring. People who have long working hours can work more comfortably on such kind of flooring. Vinyl sheets provide warmth that is comparatively more than wood and ceramic. If you wish to have more comfort, you can also go for the sheet vinyl with extra cushioning layers. 

  •  High Durability

Vinyl flooring in Columbus is highly durable. However, durability also depends on installation and maintenance. This flooring can last for up to 20 years. Vinyl is best for areas that are frequently assaulted by spills, sneakers, pets, and kids. 

  • Economical 

Vinyl sheets are less costly than planks and tiles. Sheet vinyl is massively produced and coveted into rolls for easy transport. Since it’s cost-friendly and highly durable, it’s getting homeowners’ favorite choice. It’s least vulnerable to cuts and waste. No doubt the cost varies with the quality, but vinyl with the lowest price can also last long for an extended period. Keep in mind higher the price higher will be quality. 

  • Easy upkeep 

As compared to hardwood and a ceramic stone, vinyl sheets are easier to clean. You can clean the floor by sweeping the dirt with a regular mop. This is the most spartan floor that does not require any tough cleaning. 

  • DIY installation

Vinyl sheet flooring is a DIY installation project. It is easy to install; however, proper measurements are required from all the dimensions. Precise cutting and accurate installation make it worth buying. If you wish to play safe and do not know the right installation mechanism, you better hire some professional services.

  • Design Options

Keep in mind that vinyl sheet flooring is not outdated like your grandma’s vinyl floor. Forget about the old retro-style vinyl. Nowadays, vinyl flooring is available in printed designs, unique patterns. More clarity and terrific textures. It’s all because of the latest technology. Vinyl floors give a 3D realistic look, just like hardwood. For availing of the best quality and high-end durability, you have to invest more.

vinyl sheet flooring:

Pros  Cons 
A least expensive vinyl flooring option Not capable of providing realistic hardwood looks
High-quality sheet vinyl flooring has Wonder looks and designs Top-quality sheet vinyl flooring needs professional installation. It’s not DIY friendly
Top-quality Vinyl exist in a plethora of textures High cost
Highly resilient works well In bathrooms and kitchens Not a good option for living rooms and bedrooms
Waterproof sheet vinyl is an excellent option for high traffic areas Not favoured by homeowners because of cheap materials in residential spaces
Provides warmth and safe walk Release toxic compounds
The right choice for a tight budget Very difficult to remove
Favourite among homeowners Not so resilient 


Cons of Vinyl Sheet Flooring:

Pros and cons always go hand in hand. There are specific cons of vinyl sheet flooring 

  • Discoloration

No doubt vinyl has a strong layer that protects it from damage. However, this sheet is equally susceptible to fade with time. Discoloration might occur when it comes in contact with the rubber-like material. Lower quality vinyl is highly prone as compared to good quality counterparts. Vinyl sheets that are not of high quality develop yellow stains if placed in direct sunlight. There is no yellowing in higher rates and better cushioning layers.

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  • Damage from the Subfloor

It’s indispensable to install the vinyl sheet on a completely smooth, flat surface. Since vinyl is flexible, even small particles embedded underneath the floor will wear it down over time, resulting in imperfections on the surface. These will deteriorate the material over time, causing scrapes and breaks.

  • Difficult to Repair

If a sheet vinyl floor is destroyed by a scrape, bludgeon, or stain, you have two options: replace the whole floor or scrape the affected region and repair it. This patch will have seams that will make the floor water-permeable, and it will most certainly break the vinyl’s unbroken color pattern. So this property makes vinyl a non-functional choice sometimes.


Vinyl sheet flooring is an outstanding choice. Now you have a clear idea about the pros and cons of vinyl flooring. Now you can quickly get the sheet vinyl with your favourite colors and patterns. Keep in mind that you can never have flooring that does not offer you some cons along with the pros. So make a wise decision and opt for the flooring choice by taking care of the scams.

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