What Are the Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing?

Artificial intelligence has advanced enough to deliver businesses the capability to achieve their goals without spending the same amount of resources as they did with traditional means of marketing. Even though AI is still a developing technology, it offers multiple applications of artificial intelligence in marketing.

In this article we share eight ways marketers can benefit from investing in artificial intelligence tools.

Advertisements on the Internet

The most common method to advertise in the past used to be TV ads or billboards. With digitization, people are busy on the internet and barely get influenced by old means of advertising. Since everyone is hooked to their phones or computers throughout most of their days, using a method that allows marketers to advertise on these digital platforms is a win. AI powered tools enable marketers to advertise on the internet without spending too many resources.


Understanding the customers is the key for successful marketing. Artificial intelligence allows marketers to understand and even predict how users will react to certain changes or actions. This, in turn, helps them personalize their content for each customer’s needs. Personalized experience often yields more conversions and builds a stronger connection between customers and the business.


One of the major challenges marketers have to face is quality customer experience and support. But it is practically impossible to attend to the needs and requirements of each customer due to limited resources. But marketers can still get out of such issues with AI powered chatbots. These chatbots can handle common customer queries without needing any human intervention, and can also offer personalized responses for every product or services.


Another great advantage of having artificial intelligence powered tools is being able to predict customer’s actions in the future by analyzing the previous data and actions. This is known as predictive analysis.

Such capabilities allow marketers to create custom campaigns based on the predictive analysis to attract more customers and create a higher probability of conversion.


Earlier only renowned developers had the capacity to build quality websites, as having the knowledge of required programming languages was necessary. With introduction to artificial intelligence, it is now possible to build websites even if you do not know coding languages such as HTML, CSS etc.

Website builders available on platforms such as WordPress and Wix, allow marketers and business owners to build websites without needing extra resources.

Generate Content

Content generation was not possible without a dedicated copywriter in the office. With artificial intelligence powered systems, it is now possible to build content for websites or products by analyzing data and content from various sources.

These systems are coming close to generating human-like content that allows marketers to attract and engage customers.

Email Marketing

Generating leads is a common challenge businesses regularly deal with. Further keeping a good relationship with customers is also necessary that requires constant communication between both parties.

Email marketing allows businesses to generate automatic email replies that can be personalized for each customer. These AI powered tools can also send emails based on the action taken by the user, such as subscription or reminder opt-ins, etc.


For business owners who have an ecommerce market for their products and services, artificial intelligence services can be extremely beneficial. This includes being able to build custom websites for their online business, curating content for these websites to offering personalized offers for individual customers based on their actions and behavior.

Further, such businesses can also offer high-quality customer services with AI powered chatbots to each customer visiting their website by implementing AI in marketing.

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