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What Is YIFY Torrent And What Are The Benefits Of YTS?

I will say very literally YIFY is my favorite torrent website. I would like to discuss my experience of using it, provide you with the listing of these official proxies, and supply the best options if it’s blocked.

YTS (Now stands for YIFY Proxy Torrent Solutions) is the most popular torrent website in 2021. Over 50 million users see it each month (based on SimilarWeb), which is nearly 2 times more popular compared to the giant The Pirate Bay.

The website has specialized in free movie articles since 2010. Back in 2015-2016, it experienced two blockages, a reversal of owners and also a worldwide restructuring of functionality.

Nowadays it’s among the most secure torrent websites and is not as likely to be blocked in the domain level as many competitors.

What Is So Good About Yts?

Many reviewers consider this is a result of the sheer quantity of material accessible. This is surely correct. However, YTS is not likely to have a broader library than EZTV, which, as well as films, provides a broad selection of software, songs, and games, or the number of seeds. However, this is simply a result of popularity.

Many reviewers consider this a result of the sheer quantity of material accessible. This is surely correct. However, YTS is not likely to have a broader library than EZTV, which, as well as films, provides a broad selection of software, songs, and games where you canĀ play games for real money, or the number of seeds. However, this is simply a result of popularity.

I will let you know why I enjoy YTS. This is definitely the most user-friendly torrent platform I have examined. The website has incredibly simple navigation and fantastic attention is paid to visualization.

Do you understand or suspect the dangers of torrenting (actual penalties and subpoenas), do not want to suffer from the legislation, but need to do it 100% safely?

Then consistently use a VPN. It is easy and quick.

In the base of the guide, it is possible to get a listing of these three best VPN providers that I use and examine, and then are certain to hide the addresses of those visited websites from the ISP and encrypt the transmitted and received information with no chance of interception or investigation. Additionally, you will not have the ability to spot the resources that are visited.

Disclaimer: The guide includes a study character and does not involve copyright infringement or otherwise breaking the law. Prior to downloading torrent files, please be certain they are from the public domain and their usage is not copyrighted.

Yify Advantages


  • A high number of torrents using a large number of seeds.
  • Interactive live search
  • Extended information for movies and TV show
  • IMDb score
  • Reviews
  • Subtitles

If you have watched Netflix or other streaming websites, then you know how they differ from torrent websites. They are way more convenient. There’s a good deal of visual info there. They’re not hard to use on TV as you don’t have to read the small text from unlimited lists of documents.


YTS might be the only torrent site that rivals streaming programs concerning convenience.

With it, you do not have to seek other sources for information regarding the movie, the cast, compare the IMDb score, and read testimonials. All this can be found on YTS.

This kind of trifle as a live hunt makes it a lot simpler to use the website via the Android TV remote controller.

Screenshots of film frames, trailers, similar films – everything is handily thought out and organized.

Among dozens of torrent sites, just YTS can compete with compensated streaming websites concerning the quantity of brand new video content, convenience, and performance.


The principal URL of this YTS site is

I’m aware of instances where folks encounter difficulties accessing YIFY / YTS. This might be in the event of this Internet Service Provider (ISP) obstructing because of local legislation, or international blocking of their YTS domain. So, in the past several decades, the domains, and happen to be obstructed.

However popular and developed the torrent website is, it’s beyond the legal area. Typically, these websites have links to torrents that illegally distribute copyrighted video content.

In addition, in a few nations, sites are illegal through which you may watch illegal movies (for spiritual, ethical, or political motives ).

So will not available for you.

How do I get the website?

There are two approaches shown by countless thousands of consumers:

  1. Locate a functioning proxy website.
  2. Use a VPN

The first method is simpler and quicker, but I do not suggest it in case the website is blocked by your ISP.

If the ISP has blocked the primary website, then it may be dangerous to use its own mirrors. This is probably because of local legislation, which might suggest fines or imprisonment due to their breach.

Below I’ve printed a list of proxies/mirrors in the event the principal domain is blocked. One of these is both private and official, which you won’t find anywhere online.

YTS proxy list (updated frequently ).


The next procedure (VPN for torrenting) is much more professional. It doesn’t just bypasses the ISP blocking but also masks all of the network activity of this apparatus and hides the actual IP address, preventing it from logging to the face of this torrent website.

I use this technique.

But remember it is futile when blocking a domain at the title registrar level. Thus, first I advise finding out the rationale.

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Learn why YTS is not available

When is YTS locked in the registrar level?

If rather than a torrent website, a domain page or another Website opens:

If the website does not open at all:

In what instances is yify blocked at the ISP level?

In nations where there is blocking at the request of the government, there could be different messages that look rather than the website. More frequently than not, they inform you straight why the website is blocked. A Frequent characteristic of most such blocking is a redirect to a URL containing an IP address.

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