Where to Start if You Are Newly Engaged

If you are newly engaged, chances are you might be feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed on what to do next; whether as a couple and as an individual. But worry less, we’ve compiled some of the most important things that you should immediately embark on once your partner pops up the crucial question and puts that engagement ring on your finger.

  1. Take some time off to be happy and relax with your fiancé                

First, it is essential to keep in mind that it’s very normal to feel excited, anxious to some extent, and lost for a moment. It’s your big moment. Let it sink. Celebrate that moment. The anxiety, in most cases, sets in when reality finally dawns on you. But, even with that, you shouldn’t worry a thing! Don’t feel pressured to act.

It is at this point that you should just take some time off with your partner to celebrate your bold move of taking your relationship a notch higher. The moment to celebrate and be happy together should ideally work towards re-energizing you for the road ahead. Take as much time as you would want to.

  1. Break the news to family and friends

Family and friends always come first. Keep them in the know as far as your engagement is concerned. Do it in style. You can also let the whole world know. Post that engagement on your social media platforms. But before you do that, let your family know first. You drop them a call and break the good news to them. Your friends should ideally come second after your family. Start with those friends who are too close.

  1. Throw an engagement party, if you want to

An engagement party is optional though. It is not a must. So, don’t break your back in the unlikely event that your finances and other factors don’t allow it. If you choose to have one, let it be a party with family and close friends. The others who will not be able to attend the engagement party will attend the wedding.

  1. Pick an appropriate date for your wedding and start planning

Don’t start killing yourself with many wedding plans immediately after you’re engaged. Just make some decisions that will not drain you of the excitement of your engagement. The importance of picking a wedding date much earlier is the fact that it allows the smooth planning of your big day. Read more about Why engagement rings are considered as a symbol of love

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding ranging from deciding on whether you will do some things yourself or rent. For instance, DIY draping for parties is something that you can easily ship and do it yourself. Other things that you do yourself to cut costs include décor and transport arrangements.

It is important to start thinking of the timelines for your wedding. With good timelines, things will just fall into place. Spread things so that you will not be under lots of pressure in your planning. Talking about your wedding planning timelines after your engagement is essential because you’re now on the same page. For instance, you can decide if you want a “new year’s wedding” or a “winter of summer wedding”.

Setting timelines is, arguably, the square one of wedding planning. Don’t skip that step.

  1. Start your research on the best service providers

Once you’ve set your timelines, you can set the ball rolling. Start scouting around for some of the best service providers and vendors. Remember that everything that you will do at this point will determine how your wedding day will feel like. Therefore, carry out thorough research and don’t settle on anything less than you had set your eyes on.

For instance you can visit https://shipour.wedding/shop-rentals/ for a particular wedding arch that you’ve always wanted in your ceremony, look for exactly that. It’s your big day. It’s nobody else’s.

In your research, you can also consider referrals from family and friends. Referrals have worked well for many people because you will be referred to a vendor or service provider who did a good job.

  1. Start getting your finances for your wedding together

In the unlikely event that you had not thought of a budget for your wedding day, it would be great if you did that once the celebration of your engagement settles. Making sure that you have enough funds for your big day will come with a lot of peace of mind, and that is what you ought to look forward to!

You decide to have a common pool for your wedding finances or separately. There’s no strict way of doing it because the ultimate goal is having enough money for your wedding day.

There you go! Follow this guide and you will have a lot of fun and easy time after your engagement as you prepare for your big day, the day you will walk down the aisle and finally say “I do” to the love of your life!

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