Which of prince2 or prince2 agile is most recognized in IT industry in India?

PRINCE2 is basically a guideline that is based on project management technique  used all around the globe. As a result, the PRINCE2 agile certification is one of the most in-demand as well as recognized certifications after project management. Anyone who desires to obtain their PRINCE2 certification requires an in-depth knowledge of the seven basic principles offered by PRINCE2, along with subsequent roles as well as responsibilities.

A probable analysis of the roles and responsibilities of PRINCE2

A PRINCE2 project has explained compromised roles as well as responsibilities within a business structure that attracts the business, customer and supplier shareholders’ needs. A project is generally operational in a cross way; it might contain a mixture of full-time as well as part-time utilities.

To be successful, tasks need to have an appropriate project management group structure that has defined as well as mutually agreed roles and responsibilities for the associates who are involved in the same. Projects should also contain a means for efficient communication among all the people who are indulged in the same.

The PRINCE2 roles for preliminary shareholders that are regular to all projects are:

1.           The user(called as an executive here)

This is the individual or organization that has taken up the project and will be providing money for it. The customer will be the sole owner of the business realm as well as has ultimate task to ensure that the project fulfills all its promise.

2.           The senior executive

This is the head representative of the organization or individual that will be utilizing the product as well as system provided by the PRINCE2 project: those who are directly changed by it.

3.           The higher provider

This is the organization or individual that provides the professional tools required for the PRINCE2 project to be a grand success. He or she will have the required knowledge, work experience as well as professionalism to inform the board of the project of what is required in producing the end product as well as ensuring that appropriate ailments are supplied for project completion.

4.      The manager of the assigned project

The manager of the assigned project(also known as the Project Manager) designs as well as handles the project, making the team and ensuring that the task is completed within the stipulated time and budget.

5.      The manager of the team

The manager of the team or teams(depending upon the size of the product) has the role duty to assemble the team and explain the aim as well as the objectives of the task so there is no chance of any mistake.

6.           Manipulate board


This is basically an individual or say, group who will present any formal demand for changes to project conditions. A change budget will be submitted which the Change Authority can accept or deny after analyzing the requests. Sometimes, the project manager can happen to assume this responsibility.

One method for grouping up the work of the assigned team is to make a PRINCE2 Roles and Responsibilities Assignment Matrix (which can be termed as RAM). You can very effectively prepare or make this by:

  • Analyzing all the accessories as well as utilities needed to complete the project safely
  • Making a list of tasks in a sequence or order, on the left hand side of a chart for easy predictions and calculations
  • Specifying all the required roles of PRINCE2 needed to successfully bring the project to its conclusion
  • Preparing a list of the possible roles in order, along the top of the chart so that there is clear and wider vision of the aims
  • Concluding the blocks present in the chart by making the use of the appropriate symbols, colors or letters so as to determine the responsibility level in the tier of responsibilities
  • Ensuring that every task is presented to a role that is not only accountable for but also reacts in a positive manner to it and that no objective has more than one specific role accountable
  • Gathering agreement from the shareholders of the project before the commencement of the project so that during the process there is no chance of committing any sort of mistake

These are some of the basic roles as well as responsibilities of PRINCE2 that need to be properly prepared, manufactured as well as implemented in order to meet the objectives of a task precisely and efficiently.

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