Why an online seller gives an offer for some products and not in retail stores?

When people come across online shopping, there are two most popular websites named Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Flipkart. Amazon was first brought to the industry by Jeff. Flipkart is owned by Wall mart the, most famous retail shops before the presence of Amazon. By giving offers for some products, Flipkart and Amazon can hold up their customers stable. For every business, it is harder to bring a regular customer. Because if a person first visits a store, he should be attracted by the store only that he would return to purchase again. Sometimes he could suggest his relatives too likewise if a new website launched in the future customers should avoid the new website. This is the business technique followed to give offers for some products.

Why are offers in Amazon and Flipkart during peak season?

  • Only at the festival people would purchase more for their parents, children, relatives, and friends. If a person has any needs in his daily life, he would order online. Other than, some people would shop during festival time. Here the web owners think that giving an offer for the product while peak season would attract more customers than casual days. Here is the main reason to give discounts for the products during festival time.
  • Still, now amazon has offered fast delivery for its customers. The disadvantage is that speedy delivery is only available for prime members and not for all other customers. Premium membership is nothing but, the customers should pay an extra amount as a monthly charge for fast delivery. When people buy the subscription, they could get their ordered items within a day. The excellent option is standard for both amazon and Flipkart buyers, but the customers should initially pay separately for each website.

How beneficial is online shopping?

When we buy a nearby store product, before the product reaches the retail store, it will travel more than 3 to 4 sellers only after the work would reach your nearby store. So usually, the manufactured rate of the product would be 50 dollars. But when it arrives, the first seller he would sell the product for 55 dollars. Then the seller again would sell the product to another seller for the cost of 60 dollars. At last, when it reaches the customer, the final seller would fix a prize for 65 dollars. So, when he buys the same product online, we can see the cost of the same product for 50 dollars. There are no other sellers in between the customers, so; he can buy the product for its original rate. This is why online shopping sells products at less cost. If you want to buy Amazon stock, you can check its releases at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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