Why can Metaverse actually work?

Recently, Facebook was all over the news about changing its name to Meta.

There were a lot of opinions that it is a kind of marketing or rebranding campaign – just to distract users and investors from not the best media about Facebook in the recent months.

E.g. that Facebook knew that it is bad for teens or a massive Facebook outage. So, probably the best way out of it for the company would be to rebrand itself, right?


But, also for sure the Metaverse trend is massive. In this post I will try to explain on my personal experience that Metaverse concept might actually work.

What is Metaverse?

The term “metaverse” was originally coined in Neal Stephenson’s seminal 1992 cyberpunk novel, Snow Crash. In the book, the Metaverse (always capitalized in Stephenson’s fiction) is a shared “imaginary place” that’s “made available to the public over the worldwide fiber-optics network” and projected onto virtual reality goggles.

A lot of people imagine Metaverse as some kind of virtual reality world, where all people are endlessly with goggles streaming some kind of games or streams.

Metaverse apps

In fact, there were already a bunch of Metaverse apps. And some of them are in the top 100 apps in the iOS App Store.

Apps like itsme, Zepeto, Reality Avatar, Replika and many others.

Every week there is a new metaverse app, which teens and Gen Zs enjoy a lot. For example, there is a recent app, called Bud – going viral in the US App Store ranks. It is like a Minecraft, but also with elements of social media. In the Bud app, you can build your own worlds and hang out there with your friends. Super cool!

And for this app, you don’t need your own face or posting your own videos – you just hang out with like-minded people in the meta community.

Therefore, Metaverse apps are much less harmful compared with normal Web2 apps.

Metaverse is not only for introverts

There can be a thought that Meta apps are an escape for introverts, who can’t find friendships in the real world. But, maybe it is not true. Meta apps can be liberating for everyone – it is much easier to find friends and colleagues in the Meta community. You don’t need to show your face or just show off.

For many people, not just introverts, Meta apps are a great booster to find more connections and boost your network with ease.

Metaverse is decentralized

The core idea of Metaverse is decentralization – meaning that it is more available to everyone. You don’t need to live in central London to access all the benefits of Metaverse. Young or old – you can enjoy Metaverse apps.

My thoughts on Metaverse

Many people don’t get  until they get it. There are many elements in the Web3 world that make a lot of sense. Still, we don’t know if it will completely reach its potential or if it is another bubble.

Maybe it won’t work out at all? Who knows…

But, for me Web3 recently started to make a lot of sense. NFTs, tokens, DAOs, metaverse apps bring a lot of opportunities and solve so many problems. And there are more and more people that think that decentralization in tech makes a lot of sense and brings so much opportunity for people around the world. Not just super rich countries, full of opportunities.

The fact that you can open an account, be anonymous, create avatars and still be normal and participate in quality discussions online – is a massive opportunity for so many people.

So, let’s explore how this trend unfolds and what opportunities it will bring.

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