Why WordPress Is the Best CMS for Enabling SEO

If you are not aware – WordPress powers nearly 30 % of the websites, and that is a considerable number, and you’d probably be wondering, “Why aren’t you on WordPress”?

WordPress was famed as a blogging platform and later developed into a platform that offers fully functional sites for any business. Also, being an Open Source and free platform with unlimited validity, several significant features make WordPress everyone’s preferred choice. For your development project, you can take guidance from a WordPress Development Company or Hire WordPress Developers in India.

In-Built SEO Boosts

There is always a question – Why WordPress is best for SEO? The reason being WordPress handles all the Google and other search engine parameters brilliantly. Most of the web traffic comes from people using other search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The ones that rank drive most of the online traffic daily. Hence website managers struggle to get their websites ranked on top of the search results.

WordPress eases the on-page optimization process and takes care of many other crucial elements of the website, such as – SEO beneficial permalink, Precise HTML mark-up, Content creation efficiency, Image optimization, and a lot more. These features make WordPress versatile from its core. More features can be added to it and revamp the entire CMS based on your requirement.

Trouble-free to Customize

Customizing a WordPress site does not require any technical knowledge. The platform has a simple user interface which makes it easy to understand and personalize the website. Anyone who does not have coding knowledge can make changes and create amazing dynamic websites with the help of its various features on the dashboard and the in-built themes, plugins, and tools.

Once the website is live, managing is also straightforward. The constant updates on themes and plugins from WordPress are easy to install. And you can manage them on the click of a mouse.

Plenty of Themes and Plugins

By default, WordPress comes with a library of themes, and the developer’s community comes up with new website themes regularly. The enhanced features and SEO optimization makes the site more efficient and user friendly for desktop, mobile, and other handheld devices. All these enable you to customize your website; however, you want to be based on your business line, be it e-Commerce, blog, etc.

Just like the power-packed themes library, WordPress offers plugins for all your needs that address your requirement. Hence WordPress is the preferred choice for many. As we know, plugins are the easiest way to add dynamic features to our website. Moreover, the developers behind the plugin actively release updates allowing you to keep your website’s features updated and enhance performance.

Plugins, most of the time, work smoothly, easing the complete task. Whereas, at times, it might get snappy and affects site performance. To ensure this does not happen, WordPress gives you an option to disable or deactivate the plugins, and everything on your website gets back to normal. Hence, there is no chance of error on your site.

Easy to Manage Metadata

Metadata and SEO titles play an essential role in identifying the site relevance in the search engines. Also, by adding relevant keywords to your metadata your website’s chances of getting ranked increases for those specific keywords.

While using WordPress, you can install plugins such as Yoast SEO, which allows you to enter metadata to your posts and web pages in minutes, and your site is useful to rank in search results.

Easy Image Optimization

Images within a blog make your blog post interesting and readable; a few photos used at intervals within the blog give relevance to and edge to your post.

Images not only attract readers; they are a powerful tool in enabling SEO on WordPress. Let us understand how?

“Create Alternative Text” feature within WordPress allows you to enter your keywords as an image description, which gets noticed by search engine crawlers.

WordPress also supports plugins, which automatically creates Alt text for images.

Within the WordPress Image Library, you can optimize your image size. So that it does not affect the page loading speed or performance of the website.

No Slow or Sluggish Websites

Page speed affects the overall Google ranking in mobile search, which means if your site is slow; your website might face difficulty in Google ranking.

With WordPress, your users will not have to browse slow websites, which may turn off. Some of the fantastic plugins help you enhance your site loading speed. Plugins like ShortPixel Image Optimizer or WPO Optimize compresses large PDF documents or images so that your website’s loading time is not compromised.

Scaled for Enabling Mobile Users

The increase in mobile users makes it evident that any business has a website that is compatible with mobile phones.

WordPress gives you a relief there as most of the themes available are responsive and well optimized for mobile users. So, it would be best if you put any extra effort into building a mobile website.

SEO Friendly Themes

Even after reading all of the above, if you still have a question – Why WordPress is best for SEO?

Then not to forget the SEO friendly themes, apart from metadata search engines also rank websites by the look of their webpage design. WordPress relives you of all of the stress you might have for optimizing your site design for SEO all by yourself.

Finally, all you have to do is choose a theme that is SEO friendly, and all the crawlers or spiders will get attracted to your website in no time.


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