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1947 Housing vs Seven Wonders City vs Prime Valley: Where to invest


1947 Housing vs Prime Valley vs Seven Wonders City is the query that comes into the thoughts of housing investors. Moreover, both the housing ventures have a goal  to provide a luxurious lifestyle to all or any the stakeholders in Pakistan. Furthermore, these housing projects are located at the outskirts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, similar to Blue World City Islamabad. Both of these housing projects are cheap and have the ideal site. Furthermore, such aspects encourage real estate investors to invest in these residential ventures.

Seven Wonders City Islamabad

The Seven Wonders City is a future elite theme-based real estate project developed by the GFS group of companies. This real estate venture includes all of the seven wonders of the world, i.e. Taj Mahal, Coliseum, and Eiffel Tower, in a very single gated community. Seven Wonders City Islamabad can be found in the proximity of the CPEC route and also 10 minutes far from the New Islamabad Airport. The entire housing project spreads over 200 acres of the entire land area, which proves that aims to be a huge project.

Reasons to invest

There would be several areas for commercial and residential development. The only mission of this housing venture is to make the lives of its residents better and improved. Besides that, the replicas of numerous wondrs in the world would be constructed at numerous blocks of the entire housing project. It would be only few miles away from the kingdom Valley Location, which is also adjacent to the CPEC route can be accessed through road. The owners of this housing venture would even construct replicas seven wonders in the world near the Centrepoint of some residential sectors. Along with that, they have even planned to develop replicas of various  iconic landmarks of Pakistan additionally. The developers of this housing venture hope that it would be an incredible success story.

1947 Housing

1947 housing is another future housing project that aims to provide huge living standards for every real estate investor in Islamabad. The owners of this housing project are signal developers. This housing venture is adjacent to the  New Islamabad International Airport, Srinagar Highway and M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Such a perfect site of this makes it a highly approachable project. Therefore, investment in this project would produce a lot of economic benefits.

1947 Housing Investment Benefits

There are numerous benefits of this project that may benefit its investors in longer run. Furthermore, the owners have worked on various properties that may help in fulfilling the requirements of the residents in future. Moreover, 1947 Housing Society offers the world class and influential living standards to their investors while keeping the affordability factor in their mind. There would be all type of essential luxuries within the premises of housing society because the owners want to provide high end and sustainable living lifestyle to their investors. However, a lot of experts believe that the investment here would be expensive. Hateem City Multan

Prime Valley

Prime Valley is another real estate venture under the pretext of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme project, and is being developed in Islamabad’s outskirts. So the only purpose for developing this residential project is to provide real estate investors with world-class living lifestyle. The best part about this project that it comes under the government’s housing scheme, so it would be a legalized housing project. Moreover, it got approval from Tehsil Municipal Authority Rawalpindi recently. It has a perfect site at the Meza Sehal near Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Moreover, the owners of this venture have also released their pre-launched payment plan based on monthly installments.

Prime Valley Investment Benefits

The housing society is being developed near Islamabad only few miles away from prominent projects such as Kingdom valley, which makes it a suitable residential investment for every real estate investors. Furthermore, the developers want to set a standard in providing a world-class lifestyle to every real estate investor and the residents. Moreover, the location and the payment plan are some best features for investment in this housing project. The inexpensive installation plan would also assist the residents build a home of their dreams. Moreover, the world class features available in this project would increase the high-quality lifestyle of the inhabitants. Finally, this housing project could be a suitable real estate investment for the residents of the twin cities park view city.


All of these housing projects offer the world class lifestyle to their stakeholders and future residents. Moreover, all these housing venture have got the NOC from the relevant authorities. Seven Wonders Islamabad is going to be the best choice due to its state-of-the-art features.  Most prominently, these housing projects are developing at a fast pace. So, the investment in both of those housing ventures is vital. It completely depends on the likings of the investors where they require to create a valuable asset for themselves. Lastly, visit the official of Estate Land Marketing to get more important details about this housing project. Read more about Blue world city.

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