3 Business Ideas Driven by the Pandemic That Are Still in Play

When the pandemic hit, everyone’s life was instantly changed as we went from a world where we could easily do most of what we wanted to a realm where restrictions were the name of the game. Things we used to take for granted were not easy anymore and simple choices like taking weekend vacations were curtailed as portions of the hospitality industry closed. It seemed like so many of the rewards we got for working hard were suddenly being taken away.

As people found themselves cooped up at home, they were in a way forced to regress to a simpler time. They began to seek comfort in the basic treats in life and seemed to harken back to years when home and hearth really mattered. They wanted to be able to care for their families and know that they could survive on their own, that they would be OK. And they also sought out comfort, seeking things that made them feel like they could really enjoy life even in this darker time.

Artisan Bread Sales

One of the major trends that swept through the nation when the pandemic hit was the quest to make the perfect loaf of artisan bread. Bakers came out of the woodwork and sourdough starters were suddenly all the rage. A beautiful loaf of hot artisan bread, dough rising, and wonderful smells filling the air became a thing of wonder to be worshipped in a way.

This trend led to people moving from baking single loaves to expanding their efforts and beginning to market their bakery goods to neighbors, farmer’s markets, and the like. To truly get into the game, the most ardent bakers found themselves investing in a comercial deck oven¬†which allowed them to create the perfect hot, crusty loaf of bread. These professional ovens use conduction heat which moves from the deck to the loaf of bread that is baking.

Gardening Supplies and Kits

Another trend that started booming during the early days of the pandemic was the rapid rise and interest in all things gardening. It seemed like everyone who had some backyard space was suddenly interested in growing their own food. Nurseries ran out of starter plants and there was soon a shortage of seed packets as everyone snapped those up too. Read more about How To Start A Home-Based Daycare Business.

Niche businesses that provided gardening supplies and kits found themselves with more business than they could handle. With so much uncertainty still in the world, inventive entrepreneurs can still take advantage of the firmly established trend and desire to be self-sufficient as people take proactive steps to have the peace of mind of knowing they can help feed their families.

Specialized Products and Delivery Services

Just as the pandemic forever changed our relationship with working at home versus having to go to the office, it also altered our connection with shopping at everyday stores. In a world where nothing interesting was going on it hardly seemed worth it to shop at a store that simply carried the same exact items as everyone else. Since we were at home so much, it made it a lot more fun to seek out amazing products and simply arrange to have them delivered.

We saw a rise in meal kits and services that would ship food to your home and stock your entire refrigerator. Local restaurants also began packaging unique products, from cocktail kits to full gourmet meals, and putting them in the hands of everyday consumers. Many opportunities can still be tapped by entrepreneurs, ranging from custom organic produce delivery to specialty comfort food items like homemade country breakfasts.

It’s still possible to tap into and profit from some of the biggest trends that came to be during the pandemic. Savvy business owners and solo entrepreneurs can create business models that require little in the way of initial investment but bring in excellent profits and a good return.


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