3 Common Issues That Your iPhone need to get repair

There’s no doubt that iPhones have made our lives much more accessible. Smartphone or Mobile phone with a display screen and built-in personal information management programs allow Web browsing, music video, and many other applications to be installed.

There are multiple advantages of smartphone technology:

SmartPhone provide instant communication

Internet service provider

Camera, To capture moments



Productivity Apps


But what’s something new in smartphone technology is Innovation in design. As smartphone technology constantly evolves, it should be no surprise that the design and the way we use smartphones will evolve.

What makes iPhone the Best Cell Phone?

What makes iPhone the best out of all the other cell phones is that iPhones are manufactured with high-quality materials, which goes a long way in supporting them to keep their resale value. The iPhone secures all apps and functions that are working the way Apple designed them to perform. Users consider this to be one of the iPhones most valuable features. As far as consistency goes, every iPhone runs the same, while every Android works differently.

What is the most common problem with iPhones?

But seldom, despite the high-quality materials, mess out and cause issues to your iPhone.

  • iPhone Screen damage
  • iPhone Battery Damage
  • iPhone Water Damage

These are the most common issues an iPhone user face.

Accidents happen, and they can create significant issues for your smartphone. A broken screen is truly the most heartbreaking moment for all smartphone users.

Water damage is also another issue most iPhone users face. Accidental water damage can cause problems to the iPhone’s internal components and the motherboard.

Last but not most minor, iPhone Battery damage. This one can be the most dangerous as Improper replacement or repair could damage the battery, cause overheating, or result in a severe injury.

Opting for iPhone repair services is almost always the better choice.

iPhone Damaged Screen

A broken or cracked iPhone screen is a fire hazard for a start, and secondly, you could be exposing yourself to radiation. The iPhone is categorized as a fire risk because, depending on the damage sustained to the screen, the device may struggle to regulate its battery/energy output.

iPhone Damaged Battery

If the battery is completely dead, the phone won’t boot up, even when plugged in. Battery damage happens due to poor iPhone battery health.

Signs that it’s time to replace your iPhone battery:

  1. iPhone Shuts Down Suddenly
  2. iPhone Works Only When Plugged In
  3. iPhone Is Hot to the Touch
  4. Swollen iPhone battery

If your iPhone faces these issues, getting your damaged battery will be a better choice for your iPhone.

iPhone Water Damaged

Depending on how water entered your iPhone, the damage may only affect critical components, such as the speaker or microphone, even though everything else on your phone may be working. If left on, the iPhone will begin to overheat and be hot to the touch.

Where does the water the iPhone:

  1. iPhone charging port
  2. iPhone ear speaker
  3. Sim Card tray

Accidental Damage? Relax! My Celcare JLT provides the client with essential and cost-effective technology solutions created for their specific requirements.


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