4 Ways to Know You Need to Hire an Electrician

As property owners, we’ve all had times when we’ve had to hire a professional contractor to make repairs or get important work done around your home. While it’s possible to try and do small repairs or simple remodeling yourself, for complex tasks or big jobs you are better off retaining the services of a licensed contractor. It is also important to evaluate the tasks to make sure you are safe if you tackle any do-it-yourself work.

If you have electrical repairs or upgrades to do at your home, it’s almost always advisable to seek the help of a licensed professional. Electricity is inherently dangerous and a simple mistake could result in your being injured, or in the worst case, losing your life. Improper work on electrical circuits could also endanger your family’s life and the property itself, as you might actually trigger a fire if things are not done right. When you start noticing electrical problems, it’s time to call and get it fixed.

Outlet Sparks When You Plug Something In

If you have an outlet that sparks every time you plug something in, it’s important to call a local electrician and get it checked out. It could be that you have a short-circuit, which will generate heat that could degrade the insulation surrounding the wire. Eventually, it would expose the bare metal leading to a dangerous fire hazard. This could also be caused by an old outlet or by wires that have come loose over time.

Light Fixtures or Lamps Get Really Hot When in Use

Light fixtures and lamps come with a maximum rating for the wattage, based on the size of the wire used in the device. It’s important to pay attention to the rating of the fixture, which tells you the maximum wattage of the bulb you can use. If you exceed that by, for instance, using a 100-watt bulb in a 60-watt rated lamp, you’ll produce excess heat that can cause damage to the fixture. The damage and the heat can in turn cause a fire.

Circuit Breaker Trips When You Plug Your Appliances In

This is a problem you could commonly see in kitchens when too many appliances are in use at the same time. It’s an indicator that your circuits are not designed correctly or that you don’t have separate circuits for the bigger appliances such as the refrigerator and range. You should have an electrician evaluate the setup and make changes to the circuits as necessary. Read more about How to Choose the Best Local Electrician.

Light Switches Do Not Work Properly

If you move into a new home, you may come across things like dimmer switches that don’t adjust the lighting as they should. This could be due to poor workmanship or products that are sub-standard. You might also discover switches that don’t seem connected to anything, which could be due to a problem or fault in the circuit, wiring, or outlet. It’s important to get these checked out by a qualified electrician.

When it comes to dealing with electricity and electrical circuits in your home, caution and care are the key watchwords. Electricity is too dangerous to take chances or attempt to make amateur repairs; call a certified electrician if any of these issues exist.

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