5 Reasons Why Cartoons Are Better Than Anime

Almost all of us at one point on another loved watching cartoons in our free time and some still do. They are a source of great fun and enjoyment. They provide you with necessary relaxation while teaching you valuable life lessons at the same time.

Websites like 123movies and tamil moviesda etc host a myriad of cartoon shows and movies that you can watch for free anytime you want.

Recently, there has been some inclination of people towards anime or Japanese cartoons and if you are like most people, you too might be wondering whether continuing to watch cartoons is a good idea or not. The answer is yes! and we are going to show you why.

Following are the main reasons why we think cartoons are better than anime.

  • There is Less Violence

Though there are plenty of anime out there from various genres like romance or slice of life etc, however, a huge number of mainstream anime shows encourage violence. There is a lot of bloodshed and the fights are made to be extremely graphic and often disturbing.

Watching violent content can have adverse effects on your mental state as well as your general attitude towards life.

This is not the case with cartoons. Even the action and fight scenes are not that graphic and you can watch the whole thing without feeling worse afterward.

  • Cartoons Are not That Long

Almost every famous anime show lasts for several years and you have to wait a long time to see the ending. Unlike anime, cartoons are completed in a year two and you don’t have to keep waiting.

Anime has filler episodes and long fight scenes that last for several episodes. Both these annoying aspects are absent in cartoons. The fights are short and conclusive. Thus, cartoons allow you to enjoy a good fight scene and a proper storyline while taking up very little time from your tight schedule.

  • Target Audience

Cartoons are not just aimed at kids or teen boys and girls. There are some cartoon shows out there on sites like kimcartoons, and Crunchyroll, etc that are specifically designed for the older adult audience.

This way you can say that cartoons are for everyone to enjoy and not just for a specific age group. Though anime also offer content targeted at adults, it is not great in number and it is very hard to find a good anime show to watch in your leisure time as an adult.

  • Relaxation and Fun

The purpose of watching entertainment stuff is to get some peace and quiet after a hard day or a week of grinding and cartoons offer you just that. On the other hand, watching anime with detailed storylines and complex dialogues only increases your stress and anxiety levels.

Many people who have watched both cartoons and anime seem to believe that watching cartoons is more relaxing than anime.

There are no frustrating filler episodes or emphasis on unimportant character stories which contribute to keeping everything short yet relevant and interesting.

  • More Relatable Characters

Unlike most anime cartoons are closer to real-life experiences. The characters are more often than not human and not some aliens or supernatural beings. This makes cartoons more relevant than anime.

The cartoons take some real-world situations and turn them into something fun and interesting which can be used as a valuable learning tool. There are various cartoon shows which seem to highlight important social issues like racism, stereotyping and ethnic discrimination.

All these and many other issues are dealt with extreme care and both you and your kid can learn a lot from such shows which is not possible watching anime.

Final Thoughts

So, if you were wondering lately that you have been wasting your time on cartoons and you should dive into the world of anime, we hope this information has helped you and made things a bit clearer.

If you still think anime is better then by all means go ahead but we assure you that you will not have nearly as much fun as you do, watching your favourite cartoon shows. Thanks for reading this till the end and stay with us for more cool stuff.

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