5-Step Guide to Choosing the Best Payment Gateway

Despite being integrated with specialized solutions, smart technology has accelerated growth, and that technology is adaptable to changing needs. Global eCommerce sales are expected to exceed $26B in 2018 and account for 66% of all retail sales. As eCommerce increases, competition is at a new peak – the consequences if you make an incorrect choice can prove catastrophic. Therefore your company should choose the ideal payment gateway for the platform to deliver the most personalized service to its clients.

Find the right integration method

First and foremost you should decide which is the best payment gateway to use for your organization. As the size of your enterprise increases, your payment processing gateway must have flexibility in order to keep up with your client.

In general, the payment gateway integration has been done using hosted gateways, direct posting, and non-hosted gateways. Hosting your own payment systems can help your company to integrate easily but can lead to a loss of control, resulting in lower conversion rates.

Study the Pricing

Payment systems and processes are often difficult because they are complex entities. Like any service, payment gateways require you to pay transaction fees to use third-party software that authorizes and processes payments. Transaction fees vary depending on product type or location. Payment gateway companies offer their own payment conditions as well. However, you may have paid a fee to open the merchant account and a monthly gateway fee. In addition, you may need another gateway fee.

Ensure that the provider permits your products

Payment gateways classify the product into two kinds: digital and physical. Although most major gateways offer support for physical and digital product services, there is rarely a single product available for securing the payment for a particular system. It’s crucial therefore that your company makes sure the company has authorized your product types in advance before submitting them to providers. Provide a user-friendly checkout experience responsive to multiple changes.

Make sure it provides 24/7 customer support

Best Payment Gateway

There are many payment services that lack customer support. Users who want to pay through this payment gateway must follow instructions that are commonly found on the providers’ site to resolve the issue.

Although it is very useful, it often requires technical knowledge to understand it. Therefore, checking whether a service provides 24-hour technical support can save time for your business by quickly solving problems or preventing downtime.

Consider the Payment Gateway Features You Need

A key aspect when selecting a payment gateway for payment is the sync of the payment system you currently have. It allows you to avoid compromising customer workflows and offers streamlined payment processes. Check if your merchant has the ability to accept credit and debit cards with EMV. If you opt into these features, your company is able to accept payments across several channels with ease by choosing different methods.

For instance, PayPro Global uses payment routing, a key feature in the financial industry, to ensure that payments go through successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions about Payment Gateway

How does an eCommerce payment gateway work?

A payment gateway is designed to simplify payment processing. Instead of transferring payment, the gateway accepts the funds deposited in the seller’s account in a secure manner. In addition, payment gateway companies also follow the PCI requirements and implement various security measures to reduce evasion. Below are steps showing how payment gateways in eCommerce work:

Step 1: The process commences after the customer has placed orders in the online marketplace.

Step 2: This is the process of sending and receiving a message from a web server from an internet browser from the merchant’s site.

Do they support recurring payments?

Most payment platforms, but not all are supported by recurring payment which allows the automatic payment of fees for regular repeated usage. In contrast to other payment options, Global Payments is not supported and is not supported in PayPal Payment Advanced, or in other software applications such as Wallets.

Best Payment Gateway

It could be crucial to your membership organization or nonprofit because the membership fees or the monthly payments are covered automatically. Read more about Detailed Review about Topics in Finance -2022

Those using WildApricot Payable are also included with WildApricot Payment Services.

Do they focus on small and/or non-profit organizations?

Often nonprofit organizations have different needs than other organizations have, and some payment services recognize this. In addition, IATS offers both merchant accounts and payment gateway services exclusively for nonprofit organizations. We have detailed advice on selecting a payment processor in this section. Some systems, like Google Wallet, offer tax exemption payments that cannot be achieved by most payment system companies. PayFlow Pro offers multiple payment solutions – standard, advanced, express checkout & PayFlow Pro.


Choosing the right payment gateway for your business is a process that requires a bit of dedication. You should consider the needs of your customers as well as those of your business. The market offers several interesting alternatives, so take your time, do your homework, analyze what each offers contains and select the one that allows your business to thrive. Turn payment into a

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