7 Chiropractic Tools That Detect and Treat Your Health Complications

Over time chiropractic care has definitely proved its worth. Even if you are not sick, getting chiropractic adjustments will instantly make you feel better. The profession started in the 1800s when a janitor restored his sense of hearing with a chiropractic adjustment. Since then, this medicine-less approach of treatment has improved dramatically. Development in technology has had a really evolving impact on chiropractic care.

When you visit a chiropractors’ clinic, it may seem a bit different than your regular primary care physicians’ office. Chiropractors have a variety of tools installed in the room, which may seem new to you. These tools and gadgets are used in the treatment to align your body’s natural system and also promote self-healing. Over the past few years, the demand for chiropractors in Texas, the Lone Star State, has increased dramatically. Whether you are in South Austin or Cedar Park, having someone to treat your neuromusculoskeletal without the use of medicines is a blessing.

How Can a Chiropractor Help You Get Better?

Usually, chiropractors focus on any issues with your spine, joints, or nervous system. They will enhance your body’s functions and keep the structure in place. Understand and recognize your purpose when visiting a chiropractor so they can exactly help you handle the problem at hand. Here are some excellent benefits of taking sessions with a chiropractor:

  • They will help you restore the natural alignment of the spine by releasing the pressure from joints.
  • They will help you reduce pain by offering adjustments and lifestyle improvement guidance.
  • Chiropractors will help you strengthen and tone your muscles as the adjustments recharge the body, which ultimately strengthens and tones your muscles.
  • You will experience an overall improvement in functionality and a notable improvement in your daily routine.
  • By aligning your spine and neck, your chiropractor will help you restore your body’s lost balance and equilibrium.
  • They help you relieve cervical pain, which is the most common pain nowadays because of excessive mobile and computer use.

What Are Some Tools Used by Chiropractors at Their Clinic?

As mentioned above, chiropractic care has really changed and improved over time. There are a variety of tools and equipment that may feel unfamiliar to beginners. However, if you are a regular at your Cedar Park chiropractor, you definitely will get the hang of them. No matter how exotic, there is no need to be intimidated because your professional chiropractor definitely knows what to do with it. Some tools that you are going to see at the clinic are:

Adjustment Tables

A chiropractic adjustment table or a flexion-distraction table helps chiropractors position the patients at different angles throughout the procedure. It consists of adjustable parts that drop or are lifted easily to focus on other parts of your body. Adjustments that once took place on a stationary table are now conducted on adjustable chiropractic tables. The standards of treatment have never been better. Other than an individualized treatment, adjustment tables also help your doctor control the pressure applied on each patient’s body.


You may see a hand-held tool in your chiropractor’s office. This tool, resembling a pogo stick, helps them apply a targeted force to the spine. This will allow the chiropractor to achieve the desired results without affecting the surrounding muscles and tissues. It may seem painful, but quite honestly, the pressure relief from an Activator is one of a kind. Adjustments are made without any physical resistance that will align your spine better and keep the posture straight. A chiropractor may not use an activator on people with complex and susceptible joint and muscular conditions.


This tool is also like an Activator which we discussed above. It helps release muscular stiffness and pressure. Although serving the same purpose as an Activator, ArthoStim has different attachments. They help address other health issues in a much better way.

Electrical Stimulation

The word ‘electrical’ may make it sound scary and intimidating. Still, in reality, it won’t electrocute you or give you a power-packed shock. Known to professionals as a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), this unit helps determine and improve the function of your nervous system. Electrodes are placed on the skin to apply current. This helps in relieving the pain from that specific part of the body. The frequencies of current can be changed. Your chiropractor will ask you before making any changes to the current being passed through it.

Vibration Plate

A vibrating plate helps you provide sensations to different parts of your body. Unlike a TENS stimulator, a full-body vibration plate comes in a few different types. You may find one or more than one type at your South Austin chiropractor’s clinic. A simple full-body vibration plate allows the patients to stand on and maintain their own balance. On the other hand, people with complex health issues can use vibration plates that have handrails. Vibrating sensations travel up your body to boost nervous system functionality, muscle strength, and overall body coordination. Usually, people suffering from nervous system disorders like cerebral palsy get whole-body vibrations. It helps them improve their movement and overall muscle-to-body coordination.

Foam Rollers

A chiropractor does much more than just adjust your spine. As a matter of fact, many people rely on their chiropractors to give exercise, nutrition, and other lifestyle-changing advice. Visit your chiropractor for the sake of enhancing activity levels. Foam rollers may be something you are aware of. These are non-invasive cylindrical tools that help patients work out manually to reduce muscle soreness and stiffness. Foam rollers are typically positioned under the body while you do exercises like crunches and leg lifts. For obese people who have difficulty moving their bodies, a foam roller may just be the right piece of equipment for you. Besides helping you exercise, a foam roller can be moved back and forth on the affected area to release soreness and improve muscle strength.

Digital X-Ray

Chiropractic care is a medication-less and non-invasive treatment method that helps the patients align their spine and other affected parts of the body. Now, being non-invasive does not mean that your chiropractor will not be using modern technology like your primary care specialist. Sometimes injuries can be complicated and may require further assessment. Chiropractors will use x-rays to assess the condition better. It is also going to point out the exact position of the trouble spots. Abnormalities in the spine and joints are usually pointed out in an x-ray, along with complex outcomes of an accident. You can also take previous x-rays for a better assessment of medical history.

Conclusion – An Expert’s Opinion

Chiropractic care is ubiquitous nowadays. It is a non-invasive treatment plan that also helps you improve your lifestyle and activity level. When visiting a chiropractor, you need to adopt a mindset to improve your lifestyle by completely eliminating the causes of pain. Modern chiropractic care consists of different tools and gadgets that help you improve the overall assessment and treatment. Next time when you visit a chiropractor, do not be intimidated by the devices as they will help you feel much better in a concise amount of time. If you want some notable changes in health, do not hesitate to see a chiropractor.


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