9 Absolutely Useful Gadgets to Keep Close During Post-Accident Bed Rest

With over 1500 accidents happening daily in Georgia, Marietta is also at risk of growing accidents every day. Being in a car accident is really unpredictable. It is an unfortunate event that you don’t want to happen but are at equal risk of getting into every time you hit that road. An accident can result in injuries to your physical and mental wellbeing that may require professional medical attention to help you recover and feel better. Along with a customized treatment plan, your doctor will also emphasize bed rest.

Resting is essential whether you are in a minor accident with practically no injuries or a wreck that leads to external and internal injuries. Your body needs to manage that trauma and accept what you have been through. Doctors recommend a week’s rest, but if your body signals you for more time, do not hesitate to go for it. Being on bed rest can definitely get boring after a couple of hours. However, the right gadgets can help you relax without getting frustrated and bored.


You obviously won’t be sleeping for the entire day. While you are awake, a sudden urge to scroll Instagram feed or check your emails will pop up every once in a while. Also, people receive a lot of messages after getting in an accident. Being on bed rest gives you plenty of time to check and respond to all your well-wishers.

You shouldn’t use a lot of phones as it can strain your eyes and cause a headache. However, an occasional scroll or response does not hurt, and it will help you stay in touch with people who genuinely care for you. Just your phone won’t do the cut. You need to keep the charger connected to the nearest port along with a charged power bank in case the battery runs out.


Instead of just lying there getting frustrated over the tiniest things, why not spend some time watching your favorite seasons? Netflix is a great platform that allows you to access thousands of movies and TV series under one screen. Whether you want to spend some family time after the accident or simply have a moment of your own, Netflix will allow you to enjoy this solitude while it lasts. From the Big Bang Theory to The Crown, we recommend that you pick something to continue even after getting out of bed.

Electric Blanket

Winter accidents can have a really damaging side-effect on your body. Internal injuries and wear and tear hurt 4 times more. To keep yourself comfortable and cozy, consider buying an electric blanket. Over time, many high-quality electric blankets have been introduced to add comfort and technology to your sleeping routine. Other than offering you a sound sleep which is a mandatory part of post-accident rest, an e-blanket will also comfort the affected parts of your body. Comfort from soreness and stiffness, low gas consumption, and better sleep – an e-blanket definitely hits all cylinders when it comes to comforting technology after an accident.

Digital Thermometer

While getting a whiplash injury treatment in Marietta, you may notice a change in your temperature. Getting a fever after an accident is as common as an American visiting McDonalds. People may experience a difference in their body temperature for a couple of days. It indicates many things like your body fighting infections and internal injuries or something serious like a blood clot. Regardless of the severity of your condition, keeping track of the trends in your temperature is a great idea. Having a digital thermometer can quickly help you track accurate temperature.; There are also infrared thermometers that help you take a temperature without making any physical contact with the device.

Mug Warmer

Warm beverages can be soothing and add to comfort during bed rest. You can ask someone in the house to make you tea or soup but nagging them to reheat it or make another batch because this one turned ‘stone cold’ can be really irritating for you and them both. A mug warmer will help you keep your comfort drinks warm all day long. As far as we know, you can reseat a sandwich there, and it won’t hurt.


Massage of any kind is quite beneficial after an accident as it helps promote healing. As a matter of fact, many people seek massage therapy as a form of alternate care treatment. However, when you aren’t allowed to leave the bed during bed rest, it is hard to book an appointment with a professional masseuse. Fortunately, technology has us all covered. You can get yourself an electric massager. It can be used easily on the bed without the need to leave the house. Massage helps improve blood flow, reduce the tension between muscles and improve the healing process through simulations.

Music Apps

No, not the one that blasts Billboard’s Top 100 but something to calm down those tense nerves. The majority of people who have been in a car accident suffer from PTSD that leads to health complications and problems with sleep. This is because of the underlying trauma of being in an unfortunate event. Calming music provides the patient with a non-verbal outlet to release their emotional stress and anxiety. Although music cannot help you completely erase that event from your brain, it does help gain positive energy. This allows accident victims to see it from a completely different angle. Research has shown that music and chiropractic care have literally the same benefits. Next time you see your Marietta car accident chiropractor, don’t hesitate to discuss which tracks will boost a sense of relief from post-accident trauma.

Multipurpose Bed Tray

This may not be as technologically advanced as others. Having a multipurpose bed tray while on bed rest can literally save up a lot of frustration. Most people on bed rest like to keep their favorite things close by. It will help you eat breakfast without any unwanted spills, put your books next to you, write with adequate support, and even hold your laptop. If you don’t have a room TV to stream Netflix, having a multipurpose tray can make it simpler for you by accommodating your laptop. You can also consider buying a flexible table stand. It lifts any pressure on the spine by adjusting according to your height and sitting angles.

Light Exercise Equipment

Weak muscles can actually elongate the recovery process even if you are on bed rest. Not giving your body sufficient exercise will cause muscle tension and also cause body ache. This is why people who oversleep tend to feel more tired instead of relaxed. Having light exercise equipment like grippers, stretchable bands, light weights can help you feel active throughout the day. Paired best with lots of water, bed yoga, knee bends, arm raises, light crunches, side leg lifts are all great workouts for people on bed rest. Other than keeping you active, it will also reduce tension from muscles.


Bedrest is a normal recommendation for people who suffer from post-accident trauma. Being on bed rest does not equal a frustrating event. As a matter of fact, facilitated bedrest will help you recover quicker and reduce the side effects of PTSD.

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