7 Reasons Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over HR

HR department worldwide has monumental responsibility for sourcing the right people. The resources they bring in, ensure that a company’s work efficiency and productivity are not compromised.

When the term staffing agency came into the buzz, the HR professionals were a bit alarmed about their jobs but nothing changed. In fact, these agencies improved lots of bottlenecks in recruitment. Now that Artificial Intelligence has penetrated human resources, people are wondering if AI will completely take over HR.

So, Will AI Take Over the Human Resources?

AI is certainly going to automate the process and even improve HR efficiency. The good news is it won’t replace all of HR, so if you’re worried about your job, take a sigh of relief.

The AI tech could be viewed as automation. It’s going to take over the high volume tasks and reduce the decision complexity. Here are some ways Artificial Intelligence will potentially improve human resources:

1: Faster Resume Screening

No doubt the HR department has to screen hundreds of resumes each day especially if it’s a large enterprise. And in order to identify the best talent, every resume deserves a look.

This task could take hours and hours. Wouldn’t it be great if the process is automated? You must be thinking how can a piece of tech screen a resume like a human do? Well, the AI engine learns from your company’s hiring history. It analyzes your company’s culture. Best of all, it never reinforces bias hiring practices.

AI can save you 23 hours per hire by simply analyzing the resuming using its sophisticated algorithm of accessing the experience, knowledge, and skills of the applicant.

2: Improved Employee Engagement

Every organization needs to perform employee engagement surveys. This job requires a lot of manual and intellectual work.

Here, an AI Chabot will come into play. It will ask employees questions on your behalf, record answers, and analyze them for insights. This can save the HR department hundreds of hours each year. It would also increase the participation ratio among the workforce since some employees hesitate to talk to another employee openly.

It would also eliminate tasks such as distribution across multiple channels or following up with employees. While AI takes care of these tasks, you could spend your time analyzing the responses and creating employee experience strategy.

3: Reduction in Hiring Bias 

Discrimination hiring is against the law but sometimes, a personal bias creeps into the hiring process. This can be addressed as AI takes over. AI is perfect at disregarding the age, race, and gender of the candidate. There is no preconditioned bias for/against geographic areas, organizational affiliations, and universities attended by the candidate. Hiring with the help of HR creates a culturally diverse workplace.

4: Get It Right the First Time

Often, recruiters end up turning to passive candidates for filling openings. This could be minimized by AI and sourcing various channels for generating the most ideal candidates to peruse. This can be done by integrating AI with the company’s historical HR data. The AI tech can go one step further to analyze the candidate’s behavior and scan their presence on that particular platform. AI will do all the intellectual effort while you just have to focus on giving your candidate a positive experience.

5: Streamlined Employee Onboarding

You can employ AI chatbots for answering repetitive questions about company policies, leave policies, benefits, paid time off, and similar other inquiries. Ai could also assist the recruiters with handling the paperwork of the new hire. This would free the time of HR personnel and they could take over the task of training the new employees and taking them for an office tour.

6: Update Job Description

AI programs like Textio have proven to be very helpful in crafting job descriptions and choose neutral language thereby removing all the gender biases. The AI compares languages used in previous ads and crafts the right prose to attract the right candidate.

7: AI Might Take Over Specific HR Jobs but Not All the Roles

So, long story short, Artificial Intelligence will make the functions of the HR department more efficient. The problem is, science fiction has portrayed AI as a futuristic technology that’s believed to be driven by machines and bots. The reality is AI is totally different. AI seamlessly fits into our daily lives, eliminates the cumbersome jobs, and frees up our time to do something productive. The same goes for the HR industry. It won’t be taken over by HR bots. HR professionals will continue doing their jobs. AI will just be there to assist them in automating mundane tasks.

In the future, HR will offload a significant portion of manual, intellectual as well as cognitive decision-making tasks. Then, the newfound HR will have a new set of priorities, which will bring efficiency in the exiting processes.

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