7 Tech You Need to Enjoy a Dog-Friendly Getaway with Your Furry Friend

Traveling with your pup is a lot of fun, and the good news is that it’s never been easier. More and more accommodation providers, pubs, and cafes are allowing dog on their premises, so you’ve got a greater choice of destinations than ever before. Not to mention, there are all sorts of clever gadgets available to make your vacation even more dog-friendly. Here are seven of the best.

1. A microchip

Making sure that your furry friend is microchipped gives you the best chance of being reunited with them if they happen to get lost while you’re on vacation. It’s a quick and painless procedure and will give you peace of mind both at home and on your getaway.

2. A doggy seatbelt

If you’re planning to take a road trip with your pup, having a special seatbelt for him or her will help make sure they’re safe while you’re driving. You can get ones that clip onto their harness and then into a normal seatbelt holder, keeping them secure and you free from distraction. If your dog gets carsick, you could also think about getting some nausea medication.

3. A campervan

Why not upgrade your road trip with a dog-friendly campervan? Websites such as have loads on offer, and they’re super easy to rent. Then you and your pup can enjoy long walks in the most beautiful spots, with a cozy home to come back to afterward. There are plenty of campsites that allow dogs, so you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to location.

4. A cooling bed

If you’re traveling during the hot summer months, a doggie cooling bed is a must. They can provide relief during scorching weather, especially if your pup has been running around in the sun. Some have gel fillings similar to an ice pack, while others sit on a frame for better airflow – and there are plenty of portable options you can bring to the beach or park.

5. A ball launcher

Automatic ball launchers are ideal for pups who have endless amounts of energy – and owners who want a break! You can adjust the distance and rate at which the balls are thrown, then sit back with a drink as your dog chases after them. They can pop the balls back in the machine themselves for hours of fun!

6. An LED collar

Those who are heading on a camping trip and plan to spend some late nights around the campfire with their furry companion might want to think about getting them an LED collar. That way, you’ll always be able to spot your dog even after night falls, so you can relax and enjoy your evening.

7. A portable puppy water bottle

Summer trips and long walks require you to pay extra care to your dog’s hydration levels (and your own!). A portable puppy water bottle enables you to give your dog water at any time by simply pushing a button and letting it flow into the attached cup. They’re leak-proof and can easily fit into a backpack when you head out.


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