The Basics of Crate Training Your Dog

Crate training your dog, popular in the United States, is unfortunately not the favorite of a few, particularly those who clamor for animal rights. Regardless of its efficiency in preventing avoidable injury to both dog and owner and ensuring comfort for the canines, the concept of crate training still repulses a few. 

Research has further shown that many misunderstand the process for imprisonment, and thus, they fail to see the reasons behind it. In a nutshell, this article seeks to dispel misinformation surrounding the topic while uncovering the basics and importance of crate-training your dog.

Seeing as we all want well-behaved dogs who understand the need for proper behavior, dog training with crates is a great approach.

Why Crate Your Dog?

A clear dog crate creates a safe environment for your puppy – an area where they can relax and enjoy treats. Despite the many reservations against dog crating, it has proved to be a practical approach over the years – a fact which may be attributed to dogs naturally being den animals. They also enjoy being in small enclosed places.

The crates, small and comfy as they usually come, provide a secure feeling for dogs and help reduce their anxiety. Today, there are different dog crates with varying styles and proportions – from the acrylic dog crate to the regular rod crate.

The use of crates dates back to the early 20th century, and ever since, there has been a continuous trend that has seen the development of models better suit your dog’s needs.

How to Effectively Train Your Dog?

For your dog to satisfactorily adapt to its new environment, that is, its crate, you’ll need to assist it through the process. Not all dogs are quick to adapt, with the rate of adaptation varying across breeds and species. Experts have recommended a few steps that effectively allow your dogs to adapt to their new crates. They include the following:

  • Choose the Right Crate

Finding the best crate for your dog is crucial to your dog’s comfort. Dogs vary in their personalities just like humans do, which means that they require different crate types. A Labrador will certainly not need the same crate as a Chihuahua; thus, you should consider your dog preferences during purchase. Do well to understand what your pet requires and respond accordingly.

One way of understanding your dog’s needs is to carefully study and observe their mannerisms, their likes, and dislikes. If your dog enjoys relaxing in cozy areas, then consider investing in a small but comfortable modern dog pen. Kernels or airline crates are best for a dog that relishes the dark. However, do ensure that the compartments are well-aerated to avoid suffocation. Read more about 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Veterinarian for Your Pet.

Some factors to consider when choosing a crate are:

  • Size
  • Comfortability
  • Aeration
  • Style
  • Ease of Transport

Prioritize Comfort

The main aim of acquiring a dog bed is to create a comfortable, safe place for your dog, especially when the pet is new to the family. Achieving this may involve adding foreign accessories such as blankets and towels to provide warmth, soft padding, and extra comfort. It’s worthy to note that some dogs prefer hard surfaces; hence, the clear dog crate floor alone will suffice.

Develop the Right Mindset

Dogs can associate emotions to locations; thus, training your dog to be at ease in their crate is a crucial step. The more relaxed they’re in their crates, the easier it is for them to enjoy hanging out there. Placing your dog in their pen during rest time makes them associate the box with relaxation, and the same occurs when they’re placed in crates to play.

Crate Training Your Dog

Enforce Treating in the Crate

This step is another example of a positive association involving treating the crate. Enforcing this rule assures your pet that they shall enjoy staying in the crate as they expect a treat to come, and it also allows them to stay longer in the crate without creating a fuss. Dog trays can come in handy too!

You can add toys to the equation, especially in cases where your pet is a fast eater. If you’re worried that the effect of the dog treat won’t last that long, you can provide your dog with a fancy toy. Such toys are squishy balls, stuffed animals, and soft packs in most cases.

Games Go a Long Way

The last thing you’d want is your dog to see its crate as a boring place where all it does is sleep and eat. Many dog owners have notably failed at this step, causing them to believe that crating is a futile effort. 

However, there’s a great approach that carefully remedies this situation. By infusing games into the crate, the pup enjoys its experience inside it. 

Another good way of warming them up to their crates is by giving them free rein, allowing them to wander in and out of their crate at their will.

Remove All Bodily Obstructions

Does your dog sport a collar or any piece of clothing? Then, removing it before crating time will be an excellent idea. Taking away all bodily accessories makes for a more comfortable stay in the crate, especially since the dogs are likely to roll around in the box. You surely don’t want your dog to whimper in pain due to discomfort whenever crated.

Timing is Key

Besides enjoying its time in a clear acrylic dog pen, your dog also needs to spend quality time out of it. It’s a clear dog crate and not a prison; thus, a little stroll around the house or in the yard will not hurt. Staying locked up in their boxes isn’t only dull to dogs, but it’s also dangerous to their health. Frequent strolls and runs are a good way of exercising their bodies, thus keeping them strong and healthy.

Be Patient

Your dog is no magician; hence, it won’t adapt to its new environment immediately. It takes some time for the dog to fully appreciate its current surroundings, after which it begins to respond satisfactorily.

Ready to Invest in a Dog Crate?

Though many continue to have reservations about dog crating, it continues to receive excellent recommendations from experts who understand the needs of our pets. Therefore, if you’re willing to avail your dog of this new experience, then do well to contact a trustworthy, transparent dog crate vendor in your area. Good luck to you and your pet as you seek new experiences.

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