All-Time Funniest Action Figures

For over 50 years, Actionfigurer has delighted children worldwide with unique accessories and distinctive characteristics. Been tens of thousands of various figures during that period, some incredibly fascinating and some not so much. Here are our picks for the top ten most astonishing action figures of all time:

Joe G.I. Joe

With good cause, this is the most renowned action figure of all time. The G.I. Joe was the first action figure, appearing with various outfits and accessories. Throughout its almost 50-year career, the toy line has grown from a single “Real American Hero” to an entire squad. G.I. Joes are so famous that a complicated backstory involves a continuous fight between the G.I. Joe Team and the wicked Cobra squad. There is no more relaxed action figure.


Star Wars toys are among the most popular of all time, making it difficult to choose the most significant action figure from the collection. So we chose the silliest, and Chewbacca was the winner.

Han Solo’s furious companion has various action figure variants and some unique attachments like guns and bags. Even a couple of toy versions let off his famed roar! Read more about How Tall is Will Smith?

Armstrong should be stretched. One of the most original action figures of the 1990s was also one of the most entertaining. Stretch Armstrong may appear basic, yet it was well known for its durability. Each of his elastic limbs could be stretched up to two feet, knotted together, or tied to another item.

Ninja Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Almost every TMNT action figure has been fantastic. From the earliest plastic models (seen above) to the latest Lego Minifigs, there’s something for everyone (which was mentioned yesterday).

For more than 25 years, the characters have been popular in comic books, movies, T.V. episodes, and cartoons, and practically every incarnation of the iconic turtles has an associated action figure.


Whatever version of Batman you choose, there is bound to be a great action figure to match. Many impressive Batman action figures to select from, ranging from the classic 1960s TV Batman to the contemporary Dark Knight. Many newer figurines have cool extras, such as a functional utility belt and a detachable outfit.

Any Minifigures from Lego?

Before the introduction of Minifigs, action figurines were frequently large and challenging to move. But that all changed when LEGO released dozens of minifig variations, allowing the figurines to be moved practically anywhere. Your minifig collection might be practically endless, ranging from Superman to surfing men. They can come in massive sets with dozens of figurines.

Darth Vader’s Removable Helmet

The action figure of the Star Wars villain is but very cool. Vader’s helmet may be removed, revealing beneath the charred and scarred visage. With this one, you could almost act out the entire movie trilogy.

Prime Optimus Prime

The most awesome transformer of all time also boasts one of the most incredible action figures ever. A completely movable, morphing toy that transforms from a semi-truck to a giant Autobot, complete with wheels and realistic weaponry. That is an actual action figure.


This fantastic action figure of one of Marvel’s biggest villains has enormous muscles and a detachable ramming helmet. This action figure was tough as nails.

Buzz Lightyear’s

Buzz may not appear as “grown-up” as others, but he gets credit for being unique. The 12-inch Buzz action figure inspired the iconic Toy Story character and exactly fitted the movie character.

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