All You Need to Know About Synchronous Jacking Systems

An electronic system designed for controlled hydraulic movement is a synchronized lifting system. The pressure & extension of a multitude of cylinders is transmitted back to the central computer control scheme in this electronically managed system. To maintain the load level within a predetermined and precise tolerance, this controlling system continuously opens and closes directional control levers as needed. As a result, the system will correct for minor fluctuations in pump production or cylinder size. A synchronized lifting system is commonly used for bridge raising or repositioning, heavy equipment lifting and lowering structure leveling, and structural testing.

Individual cylinders can be controlled manually for set-up purposes and fully synchronized lifting and lowering. Monitoring and data logging is displayed on the touch screen display, and complete safety measures are standard. Read more about Cable Continuity tester and POE tester.

A multipoint lifting solution on a structure with uneven load distribution is provided by a split flow pump, such as the Hi-Force HSP family. The pump lifts the load by providing approximately equal oil flow to each output, sufficient for many applications. However, small differences in the lift are accentuated when there is an unequal load distribution or the cylinder stroke needed is exceptionally long, which might lead to an unbalanced lift in some situations. While the HSP family of pumps includes a control hand pendant that allows for independent changes to each cylinder as needed throughout the raise, a synchronized lifting system may well be the better alternative if greater precision is required.

Features of the system:

  1. Dual pump system with high-speed zero setting as well as seamless lifting function
  2. Full computer control, no need for user involvement in the jacking process, Hydraulic Hose Press Customized the systems instantly identifies the jacking status and may be given according to the jacking circumstances;
  3. Accurate synchronized control can be achieved. 
  4. Each control point’s oil path is relatively independent, as well as the system pressure may be controlled separately without interference. Synchronous jacking but also simultaneous drop is fully adjustable.
  5. All of the system’s primary components are well-known international brands, including China Synchronized Lifting Jacks and also the seals, which are all imported and sealed;
  6. It has a broader range of applications; it can be utilized with single-acting or double-acting jacks.
  7. Customized Hydraulic Hose Press The hydraulic pipeline is linked to the hydraulic jack and the hydraulic pump unit, making the system simple to use.
  8. Features a high displacement sensor and a pressure sensor enabling real-time system monitoring and feedback.

Principle of operation:

  1. A hydraulic jacking system, industrial computer PLC control technologies, movement monitoring, bridge structure analysis, and construction technology are all part of the pulse width synchronous control system.
  2. Develop and combine a comprehensive collection of technologies into a single system.
  3. The foundational technology to achieve the oil pump, the hydraulic pump system utilizes the on-off valve to regulate the flow and varies the switching frequencies of the on-off valve to vary the flow rate.
  4. Using a computer control system and a detecting feedback system, the output flow can be modified to establish a pressure plus displacement closed-loop control system that can be precisely regulated.
  5. Customized Hydraulic Hose Press During synchronization and weighing during lifting, each jack is load balanced.

Steps in the procedure:

  1. Make sure you’re using the hydraulic jack correctly. The proper use of the jack can be found in the jack’s precautions and the proper installation of the displacement sensor.
  2. Customized Hydraulic Hose Press Connect the hydraulic and sensor lines and the power supply.
  3. Check the pipeline and sensor line in manual control after powering on after inserting the pipeline.
  4. Change the mode to manual ascending mode before starting the synchronous jacking operation. Then press the closure button; synchronized Lifting Jacks. Whenever the actual pressure is reached, the jack begins to rise. The jack automatically disconnects lifting whenever the pressure level is attained. The closing pressure setting value is: the optimal setting value is around 30% of the ultimate load.
  5. Set the goal displacement amount first when the fitting is finished. Synchronized Lifting Jacks will automatically rise to the selected target value when the up button is pressed. After that, the action will be automatically stopped.

Where to find the best Synchronous lifting jack?

Riverlake is a renowned hydraulic tool manufacturer specializing in hydraulic cylinders, electric jacking systems, hydraulic pumps, power packs, hydraulic bolting tools, flanges spreaders, hydraulic pullers, and workshop presses, among others products. Riverlake focuses on developing high-quality equipment that meets ISO10100:2001 and GB15622:2005 requirements to provide a safe working environment for its users in a sleek industrial style. Pipeline construction, civil infrastructure, highway, and railway construction, lifting heavy, and mechanical dismantling are among projects where their tools are used. Their products have been shipped to various nations and locations, including the United States, South Asia, and Africa, due to their high quality and professional service. They now manufacture in Yuhuan Longxi Industrial Zone, Zhejiang province, at their facilities with a total area of 5.000 m2 and 50 people. Click here to buy the right synchronous jacking system for your business.

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