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Types of services for HONGDA plumber

Herewith the article, we will see what the best tools that get fitted into the plumbing are? Many best tools are present that make the services of plumbing the best. Mainly, the company was established in 1996. And company name is Yuhuan HONGDA Plumbing Equipment CO. Ltd., which is situated in Chumen Town, Yuhuan City, Zhejiang Province, lies on the eastern shoreline of China.

 The organization delivers a wide range of metal valves, metal balls, metal line fitting, and metal bibcock. The organization covers an area of 6,700 square meters and has 150 representatives, including 30 specialized administration faculty of different sorts. The enlisted capital of the organization is 4 million, and the yearly result esteem is 70 million yuan.

What are the best types of HONDGA services?

Generally, the HONGDA delivers the best type of services for metal line fitting, metal bibcock, and many other things. It also includes the fittings, brass valves, and many bibcocks. Here, we see all the types in detail and what are the best advantages of it. 

  • Bibcocks:

HONGDA makers nursery and clothes washer bibcock with the chrome-covered, zinc plated, or nickel-plated surface. Our metal bibcock is accessible in various designs like lockable handle, steel handle, aluminum handle, etc. And it comes in the best sizes, i.e., 1/2″,3/4″ and 1″. 

Our bibcock highlights a twofold seal framework that permits the stream toward any path and is broadly utilized in water, oil, and gas frameworks. We are great at making OEM tucker taps for clients from everywhere. Further, it is classified into different parts such as:

  • Washing machine brass bibcock:

The washing machine brass HONGDA comes in 1/2″,3/4″ sizes. It has a surface of about nickel-plated with aluminum and steel surface. And its working temperature lies between 20 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celcius.

  • Brass Lockable Bibcock:

The lockable brass HONGDA is considered the best for piping water systems, drinkable water, garden houses, etc. The main size of the bibcock is of different sizes, i.e., 1/2″,3/4″,1″. The body of this bibcock is made of nickel-plated brass. And it has a handle of steel. The working pressure is PN16 of it.

  • Brass valve

With 26 years of involvement as a metal valve maker, Yuhuan Hongda has fostered a total valve items creation line that produces a wide range of metal ball valves. And metal scaled-down ball valve, metal door valve, metal point valve, metal check valve, metal stop valve, metal float valve, etc. Read more about All You Need to Know About Synchronous Jacking Systems.

Our items have effectively passed CE confirmation and ACS certificate, and our items are sent out to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and different nations. Furthermore, collectively lauded by clients at home and abroad.

  • OEM Brass Lockable Gate Valve:

The OEM brass Lockable gate valves are the most suitable part for installation. It mostly does its installation in the distribution network of piping water systems & drinking water. The working pressure of the valves is PN16. And its size lies with different sets that are 1/2″ 3/4″ 1″.

  • Brass Swing check valve:

The size of the brass swing check is of different things like 1/2″,1″ 1 1/4″,1 1/2″,2″. Mainly its working pressure is 2.5MPa. The medium of working of this valve is water.

  • Brass mini ball valve with T handle:

The size of the T handle is of different categories, i.e., 1/4″,3/8″, 1/2″,3/4″. Mainly, its flow of handle is designed for the use of water. The working pressure for the T-handle is 232 psi.

  • Fitting series:

Metal Pipe fitting HONGDA is the main maker of Threaded Brass Fittings in China. Anything that requires your plumbing and modern parts and applications, our quality craftsmanship and client support are best in class.

  • Brass gas fitting:

The size of the brass gas fitting lies from 3/8″ Male To 1/4″ Female. It consists of the main bore, known as the standard bore. It is mainly designed for the gas application. When we look at its working temperature, it lies from 20 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius.

  • Frozzed DZR Brass valve:

The size of the frozen der brass valve is 3/8″~ 2″. Its working temperature lies from 20 degrees to 120 degrees Celsius. The working durability of these valves is 10000 cycles. 


We see that the HONGDA deals with the best quality of the tools. These tools are considered the best for making things at their proper work. We design all the quality or sizes of the valves. All these are designed with the fittings services, brass valves, etc. All the valves are available at the best price. For the good qualities of fittings valves, you can reach us.

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