Effective Ways to Personalise Your Rental Apartment in Abu Dhabi

Just because it is a rental apartment, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it your home. Most people do not take pains to personalise their rental space solely because they do not own it. Resultantly, they live in a ‘lifeless’ apartment for an enhanced period.

It’s no secret that you can find apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi easily. Some of them are nestled in the latest developments with exceptional interiors and state of the art facilities. They have an appealing look. So, they do not require a lot of personalisation. Having said that, these apartments are quite expensive. A major chunk of your income will be consumed by rent only.

This doesn’t mean you can’t live in an apartment with exceptional appeal and look. There are some areas where you can find apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi at rather affordable rates. All you got to do, after renting it out, is to personalise it to your liking and add life to it.

Here are some of the personalisation ideas you can follow without burning a hole in your pocket:

Add Colours to the Living Space

The most effective way to make a living space, be it an apartment or any other type of residential property, is to add a fresh coating of paint. The most important part here is the selection of color (s). There are so many ways you can use different colors to personalize an apartment. You can either use a single colour look for the entire living space or choose different colours for different rooms.

If you are opting for the latter approach, make sure to choose colors wisely as they tend to impact the mood of the inmates. For bedroom(s), you can go for lavender, pale blue, or soft green. Consider using a combination of different colors i.e. mustard and salmon, hot pink and turquoise, emerald and cantaloupe, or any other of your choice for the living room. Likewise, choose appropriate colors for other areas of the apartment such as the kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

In the case the landlord doesn’t allow tenants to paint the apartment, there’s still a creative way to give a vibrant and color look to your living space. Get some quirky, colorful picture frames and hang them on walls. You can also use some beautiful pieces of fabric and other such items to add pizazz.

Also, placing colorful cushions and blankets on sofas and beds respectively is another way to make up for the lack of colour in the living space. 

Get Your Old Furniture Refurbished

There’s no need to buy new furniture to improve the look and appeal of your home. If your old furniture has lost its sheen and colour and you are finding it hard to manage finances for getting a new one, there’s one way you can follow to restore its look.

Get a quality semi-gloss house paint and do a fresh coating on the furniture article. It will significantly improve the look of the furniture. Make sure you have cleaned the surface of the article properly before painting it. Also, use a speciality primer. Another important thing to take care of here is the selection of the colour. Choose it wisely. It should go with the overall theme of the room/home you desire to create.

The better idea will be to use a single colour paint for every furniture piece. It will make your room look larger.

Use Mirrors

This one’s particularly suitable for small apartments. Placing mirrors strategically won’t only make the apartment look bigger but also personalize it. Apart from the placement of the mirror, the selection of the shape also matters the most here.

Add Plants

This method to personalize an apartment and make it more appealing never fails. Plants can ‘literally’ add life to an apartment. While doing so, it also improves its looks and appeal. And the best part, it can create a pleasant ambiance. However, choose the right plant that you can easily take care of. Also, place it on strategic locations as well.

Accessories Your Apartment

Use quirky accessories to make a statement. Don’t settle for the conventional-looking wall-clocks when you can easily find stylish ones without disturbing your budget. Similarly, there are numerous other accessories that you can find conveniently. Use them to make your apartment stand out among the rest. You can find apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi at Zoom Property Portal.

There you have it! Follow these effective ways to jazz up your rented apartment in Abu Dhabi and create a lasting impression. 

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