Benefits of Bitcoin Hosting

Bitcoin hosting is a certain type of hosting solution accepting cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It provides an anonymous way to host your data without revealing your true identity. Bitcoin hosting allows you to rent and pay for your server anonymously. Anonymity is simply achieved by anonymous registration and anonymous payments.

What is Bitcoin Hosting:

No matter your reasons, every person has privacy rights and the right to freedom of speech. Bitcoin hosting provides the ideal option to host the web or any content anonymously. Another reason for choosing bitcoin hosting might be a growing number of ransomware attacks and data breaches, so no wonder that more and more users are looking for secure and anonymous hosting solutions. Anonymous image hosting, anonymous video hosting, or anonymous web hosting is possible only with bitcoin hosting.

Anonymous VPS Registration:

Bitcoin hosting allows you to signup for their services using anonymous registration. All you are required to provide is your email address. No verification is needed, and you are basically signing up for your server under a pseudonym. Your email might only be required to keep you informed about maintenance windows and new security updates. Since the whole signup process is anonymous, none of your personally identifiable information can’t be leaked or misused.

Anonymous VPS payments:

Many services these days accept Bitcoin payments, so does the Bitcoin hosting service. Bitcoin is an amazing payment option that lets users make payments while staying anonymous. Bitcoin payments are unknown, but on the other hand, transparent and publically available. All transactions are permanently written in the blockchain. To pay and accept crypto payments, you only need a digital wallet. These wallets are similar to bank accounts. You can set your wallet anonymously, no need to provide an ID. As long as your wallet is not linked to your true identity, Bitcoin payments will guarantee you a certain level of anonymity. Thanks to instant processing with low fees, Bitcoin payments have proven to be very efficient.

Bitcoin Hosting Content Rules:

Bitcoin hosting providers have a more flexible content policy, but you still can’t violate the applicable laws. Content related to drugs, terrorism, or child porn is strongly prohibited – the same applies to spam, phishing, or carding. However, thanks to different offshore jurisdictions, you’re allowed to express political views in a country where freedom of speech is not tolerated or host sensitive and relevant information in a country where freedom of the press is not permitted. Anonymous offshore hosting provider usually has servers located in various datacenters worldwide. Therefore different offshore jurisdictions might be applied. Thanks to offshore jurisdiction, some bitcoin hosting services claim to be resistant to DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notices.

How to set Bitcoin Hosting:

As was already said, once you decide to set your bitcoin hosting, all you need is an email address and Bitcoin wallet. For example, an anonymous bitcoin hosting service provided by will let you set your server just in a few clicks. Bitcoin hosting uses virtual private servers or VPS. Thanks to virtualization, a physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers with precisely allocated resources (CPU, RAM, and SSD) based on your hosting plan.

So once you log in to your control panel, set your SSH key and top up your credit. Then choose your desired server configuration tailored precisely to your need, and you are ready to go.

SSH key authorizes users to securely access a remote computer or server over an unsecured network. SSH keys are the most secure method of logging into your server because they are resistant to common brute-force password hacking attacks.

Anonymous hosting service by will let you choose from various bitcoin hosting plans. Standard VPS or general-purpose VPS are basic standard hosting packages for mid-size projects. CPU-optimized VPS or memory-optimized VPS packages can handle intensive workloads CPU or memory orientated. Don’t forget to set regular backups and snapshots for easy data recovery.

One extra privacy strengthening feature offered by is anonymous access to the control panel, thanks to the onion address accessible only via the Tor browser. Tor browser helps you not leave any online activity trace or reveal your location. Due to advanced encryption, your data passes through a network of volunteer-run servers absolutely anonymously and untraceable.

Choosing the best bitcoin hosting plan is a matter of considering your choices and ensuring you’re getting everything you need out of your hosting plan. Bitcoin hosting offered by enables instant setups, regular backups, and easy upscales once your business starts to expand.

Choosing anonymous bitcoin hosting is the best way to get an anonymous computing instance at an unmatched price.

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