Best powerpoint slides templates of 2021


Slides templates are a pattern or a blueprint of a slide that a person saves as a pot file. Google Slides template include color, layout, fonts, effects, background style, and even content. A person can create Google ppt templates of his own choice, and he can use those slides templates can save them and share them with others too.

PowerPoint templates:

Templates are known as themes but also contain some specific purpose in addition to themes. Like a person create slides templates on a specific topic like sales Google Slides templates, business introduction slides templates and classroom syllabus planning Google ppt templates, etc.
A template contains a design element that includes colors, effects, fonts, background, and they work together. Instead of this boilerplate content that you suppose to tell the story.

Elements of slides templates:

Presentation Google Slides templates includes the following elements such as:
1. Subject-specific content: like if a person is preparing Google presentation template on the topic of ‘certificate and achievements’, cricket, and with the image of cricket playground.
2. Background formatting: the background formatting of slides templates includes pictures, texture, gradient/solid fill color, and transparency.
3. Color, fonts, and effects: Google ppt templates include 3-D, lines, fills, shadows. Whereas theme design elements include the color and gradient effects inside the word you have used as the topic.
4. Text placeholders: in this, you enter the unique information related to your topic to customize the slides for their needs.

Website for creating a slide’s template:

If a person is looking for the creation of creative and attractive slides templates in no time then can take help from free PowerPoint slides templates. Though they contain slides limited in creative design. Once you have downloaded the presentation slides templates of your own choice and open them in PowerPoint and make changes according to your desires. Here are a lot of websites from where you can download the best templates free of cost. The website such as…
1. Presentation magazine
2. Behance slide templates collection
3. PowerPoint styles
4. Sweet
5. Google Slides templates
6. Slides carnival
7. 24 slides
8. Free-PPT-Templates. Com
9. Slide Hunter

Creation of slides template:

For creating creative and stunning slides templates we should follow the following steps such as:
1. First, you need to create a background of templates.
2. Next, you need to choose the color for your slide templates.
3. After selection and setting of color, you need to set the fonts for your templates.
4. For creating your templates properly you need to create your presentation framework by using slide master.
5. For starting your slide you have to create formatting in your parent slide.

Formatting steps for slide templates:

If you want to create some changes in your parent slide then you need to follow the following steps for formatting your slides templates:
1. Chose a background for templates.
2. Do crop to your required ratio.
3. Fill the slide background
4. Gradient layer should be created in semi-transparent form.

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