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Best Protective iPhone Cases That Nobody Will Tell You

iPhone Case Tips                                        

iPhone is quite good at quality but the dropping of the iPhone from the high point damages your screen. it will lead to the costly repair or replacement of the parts. The latest iPhone comes in the range of the $1000. The replacing of the device would hurt your bank balance, rather than you taking a risk to damage your phone and pay a hefty amount to repair the phone. Why don’t you take some protective action and select an iPhone Case.

Selecting the right iPhone Case would save your device. The structure of the case is aesthetically pleasing, it is graceful. The cases are designed to be durable and save your phone from the dent, scratches, or cracks. You select some of the best iPhone cases, if you want to look superior protection for your iPhone.

Rugged Case

 Rugged case made of the hard leather. It is often classified as a “rugged”.It is an excellent choice, if you are looking for leather cases. The base layer is made of the hard polycarbonate, combined with a raised TPE ( thermoplastic ) bumper around the sides. The material provides a good range of the protection. Leather has natural durability and luxurious style.

Atomic Slim Case

The slim case is made of the shock-absorbent TPU inner case. It has a strong polycarbonate back panel. It is lightweight, but consists of a tough aluminum frame. It also offers drop protection at an impressive 12 feet. It comes with the raised bezels that increase the protection. it keeps your lens and camera dirt free. The case is one of the slimmest options.

Incipio Grip Case

Incipio cases are very protective. The incipio cases come with features of multidirectional grips to reduce the risk of the dropping of the iPhone. it does not slip through your fingers. It can easily cover 14 feet of drop. The extended raised bazals around the screen provides more protection. The case comes with antimicrobial technology. it prevents germs 99%. It works excellent with wireless charging. We also recommended the screen protector, if you want full protection.

Otterbox Defender Case

Otterbox defender case provides rugged protection for your phone. The defender series is the toughest case. It comes with the layered design along with durable synthetic. The rubber slipcover surrounded by the polycarbonate shell with the clean lines. It helps to enhance the grips. The older version of the case has a built-in screen protector. You also need a cover to keep lint and dirt out of the ports. The holster clip comes with the belt clip. It is as durable as the stand. The buttons are well defined and press the buttons easily. Defense case also protects against germs. It also comes in black, blue and camouflage design.

Spigen Tough Armor Case

 Spigen is one of the toughest. It has a classical dual layer. It comes with a flexible TPU inner case. The Spigen case paired with a hard polycarbonate outer shell. The horizontal kickstand completes its look. The hard outer shell works wonders to stop scratches and save you from further damage. The inner TPU core saves your buttons from any kinds of harm, while absorbing the impact from damage and shock. The shock protection enhanced the layer of the impact from inside the case. it adds a layer of thickness in your phone

 Anti-Burst Case

Anti-burst case provides full protection. Anti-burst cases are also called gel cases and TPU cases. It has a slim design and a transparent element. The hardback side provides great protection against the scratches, dirt and bumps. The case is very lightweight. The precise cut out gives easy access to the buttons. It is perfect for your iPhone. Gel cases are very protective. It offers shock protection as well as providing a solid grip. The slim-fitting design does not put the extra weight on your iPhone.

360 Book Cases for iPhone

360 bookcases snugly cover the volume buttons. The soft lining inside the book cases protect your phone and give the excellent finish to your phone. The book case looks great in your hands. The cover gives protection from the bumps, scratches and reduces the risk of the dent, in the case of the accident. The case is ultra-light and easy to install and easily remove from the phone. The case comes with the integrated buttons that make it easy to adjust the volume, easy and comfortable to use. The bumper cushion corners help to absorb the more shock.

Waterproof Cases for iPhone

Waterproof phone case allows you to use the touch screen so that it is safely protected against water damage. The waterproof cases feature a transparent view on the phone screen. The water cases protect your phone submersible up to 16ft. it is available in different variety and different sizes



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