Best Tips for Increasing your Laptop’s Battery Life

The generation of laptops being made since the late 2010s has been significantly more powerful than their predecessors. They come with increased RAM, ROM, cores, and even better graphics cards. Laptops can now handle heavy action games, sports games, and other gaming like those found in a new online casino.

Even regarding battery life, laptops have become enhanced. Nevertheless, your PC still needs to be utilized at an optimal level to lengthen its battery life. When you carry out a Google search query on laptop batteries, you’ll see different keyword combinations from previous searches complaining about their PC batteries. With certain measures, you can extend the life of your laptop batteries significantly. This article will explain some of the best tips for improving your laptop’s battery life.

Steps to Improve Battery Life

Here are some steps to improve your laptop’s battery life:

  • Reduce Screen Brightness

A laptop’s screen is one area that consumes the highest amount of power. A lot goes into brightening your screen to ensure you can see clearly. However, several PC users increase the brightness to a level above their needs. This even poses adverse optical effects to the user in the long run.

You need to save power by lowering your screen’s brightness. It needs to be high enough so you don’t strain your eyes, and low enough so you don’t light up your room and damage your eyes. On several laptops, the icon is indicated on the F keys.

  • Modify Power Settings

Operating system providers have modified power settings for users who aim to be energy efficient to improve their PC battery lives. Whether you’re connected to a power source or not, there are settings you can modify to better your laptop’s battery.

If you’re on Windows, search for ‘Power Saver’ or right-click on the battery icon in the taskbar to bring up ‘Power Options.’ You can then choose the ‘Power Saver option. Even with this option, settings can further be modified depending on what you want your computer to do when it’s plugged in, or idle.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi

Many PC users don’t care about their Wi-Fi, which facilitates quick drainage of their laptop batteries. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, your laptop battery gets drained pretty quickly. If you’re not connected, it keeps on searching for non-existent networks, which takes a toll on your device’s battery life.

If you’re not on the move, turn off your Wi-Fi by selecting the icon from the Notification Center. Some laptops also have shortcuts that turn Wi-Fi on or off with the touch of a key.

  • Remove External Devices

Whenever you use a USB peripheral, your PC powers it so it can be put to good use, Flash drives, and webcams are some of the frequent peripherals that drain laptop battery power. When you stop copying files, first eject the flash drive from your computer, then remove it manually.

  • Buy More Batteries

If you use your laptop for freelance work and the apps you utilize daily are heavy, you might need to get more batteries. Some batteries come with 12 cells which is double the amount of cells that come with your laptop’s battery. This way, you get double the amount of hours you’d normally get on your pre-installed laptop battery.


Having your laptop die on you when using it can be very frustrating. However, most laptop users don’t understand that simple actions can make or mar a PC’s battery life. To improve your battery life, you need to turn off Wi-Fi, disconnect laptop peripherals, and reduce screen brightness. You can also buy more batteries and modify your power settings.

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