The Samsung A03s doesn’t cost a fortune: Same goes for its cases

Smartphones seem to have plateaued in terms of advancement. We mean they all sport the same rectangular body that is dominated by a big touchscreen panel. There’s a camera module at the back that allows you to post pictures of what’s for breakfast and share footage of adorable cats on social media. And oh, they can also make calls send messages, browse the web and render standalone pocket calculators obsolete. But the trend that many can get behind, especially in this pandemic era, is that phones are getting less costly and more feature-packed than ever before.

Samsung is absolutely going from strength to strength with their mid-range and entry-level phones, the A-Series. Case in point, the Samsung Galaxy A03s is not exactly the kind of phone that gets the most spotlight since it is a low-key entry-level device. But what it brings to the table is its attractive pricing and not quite for its specs: Its 6.5-inch display, MediaTek MT6765 Helio P35, 4GB RAM, and a monster 5000 mAh battery sums up the best $140 Samsung phone to date.

Sure, phones like the Galaxy A03s don’t cost a fortune, and it doesn’t matter anyway whether it is the most expensive either. It will break at some point…, unintentionally. To this day they still haven’t figured out how to make unbreakable devices that use a protective case is negligible. On that regard, it is a necessity to get a case to save it from easily avoidable damages.

If we are going to gauge the significance or popularity of a certain phone, it is a lot of compatible accessories, like cases that are available for that device. It seems most entry-level smartphones are generally ignored by premium case makers due to a lack of interest. That said, we can say that the Galaxy A03s is doing really well in the market that some well-known brands have already taken notice of. There are already compatible Spigen and Otterbox for the A03s, two of the most easily recognizable brands out there.

However, a $29 top-of-the-line case is definitely a tough pill to swallow for budget-conscious consumers. What we are after is a value for money proposition and looking for a more practical option in that sense. The good news is that there are many best protective cases for Samsung A03s that won’t shortchange their protectiveness. At the end of the day, the best protective case is the one that you can actually get or buy for your phone, it doesn’t matter how much it costs.

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