Can COVID-19 Predispose the Upcoming Presidential Elections?

Elections Campaigns are in their full bloom. Joe Biden and the President Trumps are in a constant political tug of war regardless of President Trump’s recent demise of Corona Diagnosis. The sources of the White House have confirmed that the president has been “Discharged” from them through medication.

That’s the case of strong contenders of the presidential race. What to make of voters of that presidential contest in all of the states of the United States of America? Can COVID-19 really sway the elections eventualities? If yes, what are the preparations and countermeasures to halt the negative sways in the election? Myrna Pérez; directors of the electoral board of the United States of America, has responded in a statement given to Private News Channel with a rational statement,

“In so many ways, the American can be deprived of their Democratic Process in the Befalling Presidential Elections. The COVID-19 has disclosed all the cracks in the electoral board and its assertive systems. The impact on each assertion point under the pinnacle influence of COVID-19 is inevitable.”

It makes the case and stance of the electoral board way too strong. On the other hand, Health leaders in the United States of America have taken a very skeptical stance on Presidential Elections. Health Leader, according to Myrna Pérez, has shown their instincts on the electoral conduct. Based on the Health Leader’s cognitive narrative seeing the pandemic situation, they haven’t favored the Controlled Environment on electoral venues. “Putting Safety Masks & 3M Safety Glasses on Millions of Faces isn’t the strategy to be relied upon” Myrna Pérez revealed in a statement. They have voiced for an alternative electoral voting system ahead of Presidential Elections in America.

Skeptical Analysis is mandated here. The health leader has voiced for an alternative Electoral System for the safest conduct of Presidential Elections. That’s a much-validated concern. But is really there a “Safest Alternative” to the current electoral system asserted in the United States of America?

The term Mail-in Ballots is verily circulating as it was coined by the Health Leader to adopt the safest possible course of conducting the 2020 Presidential Elections. Is Mail-in Ballots a really viable option in the Presidential Elections? But there are some hurdles in conducting the elections via Mail-in Ballots. First, not all the states in the United States of America has fully operational Mail-in Ballots system in their electoral boards.  A handful of states are currently in an active mode to have a fully operational Mail-in Ballots.  Indiana, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee and, Louisiana are the States that are strictly opposing the Mail-in Ballots. They have restraints on account of certain Mail-in Ballots Complications that might ill-use the voting rights. The ultimate transparency in the 2020 Presidential Elections is inevitable. The states are very much trying to avoid the Mail-in Ballot means for the conduct of elections.

 Secondly, the states that already have a functional Mail-in Ballots System are falling prey one by one to the Deliberate Politicization of it. Keeping in view the previous electoral allegations and alleged influence of external factors is making things quite suspicious. It is only feeding the instincts of Mistrust in the voters. In the recently conducted Presidential Debate, President Donald Trump openly expressed that using the Mail-in Ballots can hugely deteriorate the Electoral Transparency. The term “Rigged Election” was coined and the massive concerns over the conduct of the Presidential Election are still in place. The politicization of the Mail-in Ballots continues.

Thirdly, the Electoral Board hasn’t yet decided the ultimate way out for the Presidential Elections’ Conduct. If it adopts such methodology somehow, are the States in which Mail-in Ballots isn’t functional ready to fully incur with the new voting system? The most important thing, can these states implement the Mail-in Ballots system in such a lesser time frame. Because the elections are almost upon the verge. Should the Electoral board be making preparations about Massive masks, Sanitizing Installments, Glasses Frame for Men & Women for conventional in-person voting system, or implementing the Mail-in Ballots System in each state? This is a huge uncertainty never witnessed before in the Presidential Elections of the United States of America.

On the other hand, optimists are showing the positive indicators on the implementation of the Mail-in Ballots System in the States. Tech Experts have assured us the transparency in the Mail-in Ballots System. It seems that the politicization of the Mail-in Ballots System is deliberate Campaigns against the Presidential Election 2020. So that the voters may either take the grave risk of going in-person to cast the vote or they ultimately give up their right to vote due to the critical health circumstances”, said Myrna Pérez in a statement. Fraud or not. Safe and Secure or not. In-person or Mail-in Ballots System. The Presidential Elections is the only thing that renews the Democratic Values in the United States of America.

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