Can You Consume Gold Elephant Kratom Raw?

If you’ve been consuming kratom for a few years, you must have heard about the most popular ayurvedic herb, gold elephant kratom. As soon as it came to the market, people got crazy about the strain, and soon it got the place of some of the popular strains like Gold Maeng Da Kratom and White Sumatra. The elephant kratom strain family isn’t as famous as the other types, yet the gold standard gained immense popularity in the market. Many vendors supply raw forms of gold elephant kratom so that people can enjoy the perks that the strain brings to their table. If you’re wondering whether you can consume gold elephant kratom in the raw powder form, the short answer is “yes.” Let’s have some in-depth information regarding the strain and its benefits and consumption methods.

What Is Gold Elephant Kratom Strain?

Gold elephant strain is a fantastic member of the kratom family. The name of strains comes from the leaves used in manufacturing. The leaves of the large-sized tree – Mitragyna speciosa – produce the strain. You can get your hands on various colors and veins – green, red, and white. The shape of the leaves resembles the ear of the largest land animal on earth – the elephant.

To know about the harvest action, we can say that many Southeast Asia parts and Australian continent parts grow the strain. A single-family plantation in the Austrian continent produces most of the gold elephant kratom. The reason is to enhance the consistency of the strain and get the most out of your investment.

The mature leaves undergo a fermentation process to prepare the gold elephant kratom strains. As a result, we obtain a high yield of 7-OH (7-hydroxy mitragynine), mitragynine, corynoxine, and paynantheine.

Is Raw Form Of Gold Elephant Kratom Suitable?

Yes, many vendors manufacture and supply premium-quality gold elephant kratom in raw form. Several studies have shown it to be safe to consume and comes with plenty of benefits. Gold elephant kratom is a unique blend of white elephant kratom and red elephant kratom, helping you enjoy both worlds’ benefits. When you try the strain in the raw powder form mixed with your favorite dish, you can reap the benefits in just 10 minutes. Here are the results of consuming the strain in raw form. Read more about CBD Melatonin Gummies and Insomnia: How it Helps?

● Pain Relief

Both of the strains – white elephant kratom strain and red elephant kratom strain – link directly to the pain relief. For this reason, the blend – gold elephant kratom – is a great choice when it comes to getting rid of intense pain in the body and muscles. Here are the benefits of both strains that make the blend more unique and perfect for pain relief.

  1. Red elephant strain treats arthritis, fibromyalgia, and multiple other chronic pain.
  2. White elephant strain treats intense body pain.

● Enhance Your Mental Focus

In today’s era, the increasing stress and constant pressure of staying ahead in the competitive market lead to unclear mentality and other mental issues. This is where people opt for the gold elephant kratom strain that helps promote mental focus. By having a clear mind, you will enhance your productivity in your work and improve your way of living. Besides, this strain is one of the easiest and stress-free ways to treat concentration and cognitive functions.

● Enhance Relaxation

When you consume gold elephant kratom in raw form, you will get to relax your muscles, body, and mind. However, sometimes it might be difficult for people to sleep at night, indicating that they suffer from sleep disorders. To avoid such situations and promote sleep quality, you can try gold elephant kratom strains, either raw or capsules.

● Boost Mood

Another significant benefit of using the gold elephant kratom strain is that it acts as a mood-buster and stress-buster. Thus, helping you get what you deserve and improving how to watch the world. For instance, if you lack energy for the day or lack some motivation, the raw gold elephant kratom strain in your morning schedule will help you reap the best benefits. Remember, when you are using the raw form for the first time, it’s essential to know the dosage. Always choose a minimum dosage that your body can digest.

● Improve Social Life

Often, we hear that people feel shy when they go for social outings. The reason behind such behavior can be stress, anxiety, or depression. However, dealing with such situations isn’t easy unless you follow the correct procedure. Having a small amount of gold elephant kratom strain in the morning will help you calm your nerves and improve your behavior during social gatherings.

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of raw gold elephant kratom, all you need to do is invest your time in finding the best vendor that sells high-quality products at economical prices.

How Much Is The Dosage Of Gold Elephant Kratom Suitable?

gold elephant kratom

As mentioned earlier, the gold elephant kratom is a blend of two different strains, making it more important to know the dosage that suits your needs. When starting with any new type of strain, you need to consider a few things. Before you start, consider your age, weight, capacity, and more. To ease your process and help you choose the proper dosage, here is the list of recommendations about dosage.

  • For minimum effect, you can try 1.5 grams
  • For low effect, you can try 1.5 to 2 grams
  • For moderate effect, you can try 2.5 to 3.5 grams
  • For high effect, you can try 4 to 6 grams

Always start with the minimum dosage and then increase it gradually. This will help you to enjoy the best benefits of the gold elephant kratom strain without any inconvenience.

Final Words

There is no surprise why many people prefer gold elephant kratom strains over other types of strains. However, this type of Kratom strain for pain is quite rare, but you can find the strain at some reputable online vendors. You can even buy gold elephant kratom strains in powder form, capsule form, liquid form, etc. Whether you’re a novice to the kratom industry or looking to try something new that is different, feel free to get your hands on gold elephant kratom. Always double-check the quality of the product and the brand reputation of the store.


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