Carbon fiber sheet manufacturing companies


As we know that carbon fiber sheets are very useful because these sheets are used in different industries for different purpose. Before buying any carbon fiber sheet we should know everything about it. There are different types of these sheets and each sheet has different feature and is used for different purpose. So before selecting any sheet we should know that which one will be right.

Carbon fiber sheet manufacturing companies:

There are many companies that manufacture carbon fiber, carbon fiber sheets, carbon fiber tubes or carbon fiber plates. Some top companies are discussed here that which products these companies provide and what are their terms and conditions. So, after knowing everything about them it will be easier for you to choose the right one. Names of these top companies are:

  1. Hexcel
  2. Solvay composites manufacture
  3. Mitsubishi rayon Co. LTD
  4. Nippon graphite fiber company:

Top carbon fiber supplier:

There are many products of carbon fiber that are supplied such as carbon fiber yarn supplier, carbon fiber tube supplier, carbon fiber cloth supplier and carbon fiber sheets supplier. There are many companies that supply carbon fiber but at that time the top carbon fiber supplier is Hexcel.

  • Hexcel:

Hexcel is the best supplier of carbon fiber. This company supplies many carbon fiber products. And This company was founded in 1948 and it is located in US. This company supplies PAN carbon fiber. This company is famous because it plays an important role in the aerospace applications.

  • Mitsubishi rayon Co. LTD:

Mitsubishi rayon manufactures PAN carbon fiber that are mostly used in composite applications. In composite applications light weight of the carbon fibers are required. In this application such carbon fibers are used that have high stiffness and high strength. The US Company Grafil supply carbon fibers with the trade name of pyrofil. This company is also very famous for the supply of carbon fibers. The products of this company are used for aerospace applications but the product of this company are mostly used for recreational and composite applications and gear ( i .e motorcycle jacket and gloves. )

  • Nippon graphite fiber company:

This company is located in Japan and also a good supplier of products of carbon fiber. And This company manufactures pitch based graphite fiber. This company started manufacturing this product from 1995. The Nippon carbon fiber is commonly used in making fishing rods, hockey sticks, tennis rackets, golf club shafts, and bicycle frames because of the increased durability of the composite. Another reason for using Nippon carbon fiber in these applications is that it is less expensive.

  • Solvay composites manufacture

This carbon fiber supplier company work under the trade name of Thornel and Thermograph. This company manufactures two types of carbon fiber. Continuous carbon fiber sheets and discontinuous carbon fiber sheets. Both these sheets are used for different purposes because they have different features. This company also supply PAN carbon fiber.

How to buy carbon fiber sheets??

Many customers ask that how they can buy carbon fiber sheets. Here we have discussed some tips that can help you in buying carbon fiber sheets. You can get customized carbon fiber sheets means that you can get the sheet according to your requirement.  You can lessen or increase the size of these sheets.

Before buying any carbon fiber sheet you should know that which type of sheet you want. Because there are different sheets and these sheets are used for different purposes. Tell them ( the company from whom you are buying graphite fiber sheet ) that for what purpose you are buying graphite fiber sheet, then they can guide you beat that which one is best.

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