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Pakistani Real Estate Market Investment Analysis

Pakistan’s real estate market is presently experiencing a downturn due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has impacted property values as the country’s economy continues to falter. The investing parameters in the Pakistani real estate market, on the other hand, are straightforward. It is contingent on your demand as well as your financial constraints. Nonetheless, property costs will fluctuate depending on the country’s present condition, as Pakistan’s inflation rate is fairly high and property prices are rapidly growing. However, if you intend to buy a home, you do not need to be concerned or reconsider your decision because house prices fall throughout the same period of inflation owing to many factors. Educated and experienced agents occupy Pakistan’s real estate industry. However, numerous fraud attempts have occurred due to firms and individuals failing to guide and exploit various avenues adequately. Every dealer offers you a safe and secure environment in which he appears to be interested. Still, you must first identify all of the repercussions of that region to determine whether or not he is correctly directing you. Purchasing a home in Pakistan is not difficult but choosing a competent and trustworthy agent can be. Everyone nowadays desires to live in the middle of the city or close to everything. The costs fluctuate depending on the area’s demand; in the center of town, the rate is at an all-time high, but new projects with fantastic concepts are popping up, offering all of the comforts in the area.

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DHA Lahore

Defence Housing Authority, also known as DHA or just Defence, is the unchallenged and exclusive monarch of real estate in Lahore’s cosmopolitan and cultural center. The housing complex is situated off Walton Road and covers a large area. According to the most recent figures, over 80% of DHA land has already been developed, with the remainder in the process of being developed. The civilization has cutting-edge living amenities and all of the creatures’ comforts one might desire. Furthermore, property values and rental rates rise by 15-20% and 10-12% each year, respectively. According to property experts, DHA Lahore’s prices are expected to increase by 25-35 percent in the next couple of years. 125, 250, 500, and 1,000 square yard plots are available in DHA Lahore.

Sector E-7, Islamabad

In the lowest reaches of the Margalla Hills, Islamabad’s Area E-7 is located. This magnificent neighbourhood of Pakistan’s capital city is completely developed and spans 123 pieces of land. This section of Islamabad may be the greatest place to look for private land and property for the coming. Shaheen Market, Margalla Greens Golf Club, the Islamabad Zoo, and several shopping malls are just a few nearby leisure spots. Property prices in Islamabad’s Sector E-7 have been steadily rising by 20-30%. Property experts predict that prices in this part of Pakistan will increase by 10% to 15% over two or three years. 800, 1,000, and 1,250 square yard plots are available in Islamabad Sector E-7. Read more about Kingdom valley islamabad noc.

DHA Karachi

The DHA Phase 8 in Karachi is near the Arabian Sea and spans over 4,000 acres. Only about 20% of DHA Phase 8’s total land has been developed so far, with the rest still to come. This amazing and modern area of Pakistan’s largest metropolitan city is close to various leisure options, including nightclubs, upmarket retail malls, restaurants, recreational parks, tourist spots, and more. Property prices in DHA phase 8 are likely to rise by 15-25 percent over the next few years. 100, 120, 150, 300, 500, 600, 1,000, and 2,000 square yards are among the plot sizes available in this phase.


In contrast to convoluted paperwork requirements and shaky legal support, the government must establish a well-structured, transparent, and centralized system for investors. Following the designation of that industry as an industry, the government should establish an industry regulator, adopt land purchase and ownership standards, and register all property consultants and projects.

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