Charlie Chaplin: Tragedy Behind Comedy

We all have grown up watching movies of different genres, be it action, horror, thriller, drama, sci-fi, animation, crime, and so on. But what keeps our hemoglobin good are movies with comedy. Besides watching movies, people are also interested in watching and reading short inspirational stories that motivate them for the good. With the mention of it, a picture of an iconic comic legend that comes into most minds is none other than Charlie Chaplin.

Who can forget this legendary personality of humor, of course, everyone loved this cute, timid personality doing all the strange and weird acts in the number of movies we have seen of him. But do you think the person whom you admire watching on the screen, making you laugh is the same happy man in real life?


If you think it is, let me tell you, it is not always. However, it is the art or says talent of the actor who is capable of hiding his pain behind the laugh. We all are familiar with the stupendous comedy talent of the comedian king Charlie Chaplin. He made his viewers keep their hands on their stomachs with laughter, but do you have any idea about his personal life?

If not, then today, I bring you some insight into his personal life of Charlie Chaplin other than his acting career in comedy.

Tragic Childhood Of Comedy Icon

Charlie was born in the United Kingdom in 1889. He got the genes of acting from his actor father who was also an expert vocalist.

His mother too shared the same entertainment field as an actress. Apart from it, she was also a singer.


But there came a big tragedy in Charlie’s life. And it came with the demise of his father due to excess alcoholism. His mother also suffered from constant mental illness.

Therefore, at a very young age, Charlie was forced to bring himself to survive in adverse conditions.

He even had divorce and breakups from the women that came into his life But finally, this string of heartbreak did not continue.

When he finally married Ona O’Neill, who lived with him until he died at the age of eighty.


Now you see how this iconic comedian-actor rose to fame after struggling with a tragic childhood. This can be one of the samples of true motivational stories.

His father never had any role in his upbringing due to excess inclination to alcohol consumption, which took his life later. Charlie never got a fatherly love from him, as he was too rude to him.


Hoping the other parent would take the onus of upbringing the kids, it did not happen with Charlie. His mother too was not in the position to fully take care of him.

Even he was admitted to a mental institution about his mental health which deteriorated.

He was left to himself Both Charlie and his brother were put under foster care.

When Charlie grew up, he got much support from his brother, who took care of him after his return from the British Navy.

He took all the initiative in letting his brother Charlie be exposed to the entertainment world. And his efforts bore fruitful results.


Charlie initially got minor roles in films, but later on, his destiny made him a superstar at the very young age of 21.

After his debut film, he rose to fame with his second movie, Kid Auto Races at Venice. And that became a turning point in the rising career of Charlie.

Some of his iconic films include The Gold Rush, The Circus, City Lights, The Great Dictator, and many more.


This is a brief insight into the comedy legend Charlie, who rose from poverty and tasted success with his determination and acting talent that he inherited from his parents.

How cruel life can be can be known from Charlie’s tragic childhood.


But if you have the determination to face the challenge and look up to your goal, then no one can drag you behind in reaching the desired goal.


Luck and fortune favor only those who work hard and are determined to do great in life.

Had Charlie become vulnerable. And weak in seeing the pitiable condition of his life,

he would have never become the popular Tramp figure in his life.


We are all fascinated by the lavish lifestyle of celebrities, but rarely interested. In knowing how they became so successful.

One must note that the result of hard work and dedication always reap good results. Charlie is that example.


He was never weakened by the grief of his childhood, rather he took up the challenge.

And with the help of his brother Sydney, he engulfed the world of entertainment. And rest is history. Even though Charlie has become a golden chapter in history.

Still, he is alive with his inspirational life story and fleet of successful films,

that we cannot resist watching again and again.

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