Eberron: Rising from the Last War Guide PDF Download

DND is a vast universe of fictional role playing game which strives to offer a fantastic experience to its adventure thirsty fans. Each edition of the DND comes with new additions of races, backgrounds and ultimately a wholesome fun filled experience. The latest edition is the fifth edition which has the Eberron setting as one of the many settings. The eberron: rising from the last war is a guide for the Eberron setting and campaign and has 320 pages. In this post, we are going to see more about the guide and discuss few facts about it.

New Races in Eberron 5e Guide!

The Eberron: Rising From The Last War PDF book outlines the entire continent of Khorvire and also overviews an adventure set in Sharn. It gives a great introduction to the Eberron setting so that the players and DM will understand how to run the setting. As new additions, four new races have been introduced along with twelve dragonmark racial options. The four races include warforged, bestial shifters, sidewinding changelings and spirit bound Kalshtar. There is variety of races and subraces to choose from for the players who play Eberron setting as explained in this guide. Thus the guide offers wide scope for the players to make this game more intriguing.

All New Background and Feats in Eberron 5e pdf!

In addition to the races, two new feats have been added in the guide. We are also introduced to a new background which is exclusive to a specific setting. This background allows the player to serve in a powerful family and hence have some ties with them. Along with this, a new class called artificer is an exciting addition to the DND universe. Artificers use both magic and science to make robots and magic items. They also distill elixirs that possess magical powers. This artificer class is the first one to be introduced newly in the character category in the fifth edition. There is also a group patron system that has been explained in this eberron 5e pdf.

Get to Know the Continent of Khorvire!

As we have seen in the above paragraph, technology and magic are intertwined in the lives of Eberron people. Each one has some kind of ability which makes them proficient in a skill or talent. There are five nations that have roots in magic and thus the price of Spells is much lower than in any other campaign setting. The book also acts a source to know more details about Khorvire, its patrons, denizens, religion and guilds. We also get an overview of the great city of Sharn with many maps and charts giving us a clear idea. However, there is also a wide scope to create your own adventures in eberron 5e pdf.

A Separate Section for Building Eberron Adventures!

The players were already anticipating eberron rising from the last war release date which was November 19, 2019. It became a big hit due to the flexibility it offered to the players and DMs alike. Many were enthralled by this eberron guide. 38 monsters/NPCs are found in this guide for DMs. Despite many things that the book has to offer, the most interesting thing is a section entirely dedicated to building eberron adventures. This is a very helpful section to Dungeon Masters as they can pick from the many, many themes presented in the guide. It is a highly recommended guide to everyone especially newbies trying to run the eberron campaign setting. There are pre made adventures and space to make your own adventure in this guide. Make sure you grab the guide and have a wonderful adventure in the Eberron setting!

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