Netgear AC1900 WiFi Mesh Extender Setup | EX6400

Extremely fast Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1900 Mbps make streaming HD videos and playing online games a breeze. By switching automatically, Mesh Technology keeps you linked to the Internet even as you wander around your home or workplace. NETGEAR AC1900 EXTENDER SETUP can be set up. WPS is simple to set up.

Link to a Gigabit Ethernet Port if possible for the highest speed.


NOTE: If you don’t see any lights after turning on the Netgear Extender, Click the power button on the side panel.

Netgear AC1900 Extender Setup via


  • Connect your computer or mobile device to Netgear’s default extender tag, which is Netgear Ext.
  • You can do this by searching for Netgear Ext in your WiFi list and connecting to it, or by connecting your computer to your Range Extender directly using an Ethernet cable.
  • After you’ve linked, you can use any browser you want (google, Firefox, safari, etc).
  • It will redirect you to Netgear’s offline page, which is called NEW EXTENDER SETUP.
  • Create an account by typing your name, password, and security questions into a new extender configuration.
  • Now press Next, it will begin searching for available Wi-Fi networks in your area.
  • Choose your primary Wi-Fi network from the list and enter your Internet password.
  • If your router supports dual-band (5GHz), repeat the steps above.
  • As soon as you press Next, the settings will be applied, which can take up to 60 seconds depending on your network speed and the distance between your router and the Netgear Extender.


  • Finally, after setup, it will show Your Netgear Ex6400 Extender tag, which will be Home-WiFi-Network-Name EXT.


  • Unplug the Range Extender and position it halfway between your router and the location where WiFi signals are needed.


  • Place it away from large appliances that could interfere with the Netgear Wi-Fi Extender’s signals for maximum speed.


Netgear AC1900 Wi-Fi Mesh Extender Via WPS Button


  • Connect the power supply to the Netgear AC1900 WiFi Mesh Extender.
  • On the side panel, press the power button.
  • Observe the status LED before it turns orange.
  • Now press the AC1900 WiFi Mesh Extender’s WPS button.
  • Click the WPS button on the wireless router at the same time.
  • The LED will light up once the WPS button process is done.
  • You can now attach your computer to the network of the extender.
  • If you’ve misplaced your manual, you can download it here: Netgear AC1900 Mesh Extender Manual.



  • To begin, make sure the Wi-Fi Extender Power light is switched on.
  • Locate the Extender’s Reset button, which is located on the Extender’s bottom panel.
  • To quickly press the button, find a pen or a pin-like object.
  • For five seconds, or until the System to Netgear Extender LED blinks Amber, press the Reset button.


  • The extender should be pressed until the Device to Extender LED blinks Amber.
  • Wait for your Extender to reboot after you release the Netgear Extender button.
  • The Extender is now set to its factory defaults.


  1. ii) Reset your Extender using the Extender’s Online Web Browsers
  • If your Extender needs to be reset, use a computer that is connected to it.
  • In the computer, open a web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are recommended).
  • In a web browser, type the URL region.
  • Fill in your e-mail address and password correctly on the Login tab.
  • Click Settings then Other Settings on the NETGEAR Extender genie tab.
  • Select Yes in the prompt after clicking the Reset Button.
  • After a few moments, your NETGEAR Extender will return to its factory default settings.


If you are still facing any issue with your Netgear range extender you need to contact to Netgear technical team on

With an easy, reliable link and expanded coverage in every corner of your house, NETGEAR AC-1900 WiFi extenders keep your smartphones, smart TVs, and computers connected to WiFi. Increase the range of your Wi-Fi or set up an access point to get the coverage you need.

All of your settings, including your name in the extender, network name (SSID), password, and security settings, are erased with a factory reset. If you can’t locate your NETGEAR extender’s admin credentials, you’ll need to perform a factory reset. These are the steps that you have to follow Netgear WiFi Extender setup.


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