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Equipping my new home with a brand new Wavlink ac1200 router

When we moved into our new home I had to get everything all anew. I had to bring in everything brand new and suiting the new home I had bought. Obviously I sold out all the old stuff. Including technical items such as computers and wireless routers. They were all old models and didn’t fit into a new home. I wanted everything to be up to date and of the highest quality. While bringing in brand new items I did have a tough time trying to decide a good router for my home. Here are the details of wavlink ac1200.

Now the house that I bought is fairly big and does have a lot of walls. Which are the two hindering factors concerning connectivity? Also, there are 6 members in my family which again makes it a hindrance for a faster connection. I needed something that could defy all these hindrances and still provide all-around connectivity to my house. I did not want to hear any complaints from the internet users in my family. After a lot of discussion and debate, I settled down for the wavlink ac1200 router.

How did I set it up wavlink

Well, I do not mean to go out of bounds a butter the heck out of the machine but the experience was quite contrary to my low expectations. The wavlink router setup was as easy as anything could be. I simply needed to connect it to my power outlet and then connect it to my personal computer. There were two ways to do that. I could either do it using an Ethernet cable or just search for its name on the WiFi list and connect to it wirelessly. I didn’t want to have a problem during the setup so I chose the wired connection. It would be more consistent I thought. I then went ahead and logged in to the setup link and entered the default ID and password. It was mentioned under the device and I could easily get back to it whenever I reset it to the factory settings. The setup link I am talking about is the wavlink ac1200 setup link. It has a subtle user interface and clear instructions that are easy to follow and complete. At the end of the setup you can easily place it in a central position of your house and use it as you like.

An honest opinion about the wavlink ac1200

Right off the bat, the wavlink ac1200 router setup was so simple and easy. It did not take us any time to go through it. Secondly, the range on this thing covered all of my houses. Which was the exact purpose of my entire research so that was an absolute win. The router had amazing speeds so I did not have for too long for anything to load up on my browser. That was really appealing. I would really appoint this router as the unanimous jack of all trades on any given day.

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