Roku device, the perfect answer for on demand television

Who doesn’t watch TV? In this era of ours the television industry is everywhere. You could watch your favorite shows with a cable connection or just stream them on any smart device. That’s where Roku comes in. A handy tool that allows you to stream all your favorite channels and shows while also saving you money and time. Coming in a variety of products including smart televisions, roku device can make your streaming experience on television a whole lot better. Let’s take a look into the working and functioning of this device.

How does roku device work?

Essentially Roku device provides you with on demand television Its basically television but here you get to decide what to watch and when to watch. A lot more convenient, isn’t it? The Roku device connects to your television via a HDMI cable and then installs the interface. It also uses a wireless internet connection as it is a streaming device. It downloads the shows you watch while you watch them. You will need to connect to the internet and create a Roku account and log in using the credentials. After this you will be able to access all its features.

Roku can also give you majority of the cable TV channels you used to watch before while also streaming shows that’s you would’ve missed before. A total in blend convenient experience. You could also try out your favorite video sharing websites like YouTube on Roku. The interface easily allows you to do so.

How to activate YouTube on Roku?

It is quite easy to setup YouTube on your Roku device interface. It’s pretty much similar to downloading an application from your application store in your Android device. Need to visit the Roku channel store. You will be able to find both paid and free services sorted under their categories. Now, You will be able to find YouTube under the free section. All you need to do is download it and fire it up and you are good to go. Stream all the YouTube you need on your personal Roku.

Roku screen mirroring

You could easily mirror the screen of your Android device on your television using your Roku device. All you need to do is follow these steps for various devices you might need to mirror.


  • Go to settings
  • Click on display
  • Select on cast screen
  • Click on the side menu and enable wireless display.
  • When the name of your Roku device appears click on it

Windows 8.1 and above

  • Go to settings
  • Select on pc and devices.
  • Click on devices
  • Add device
  • When the name of Roku appears tap on it and click connect.

Windows phone

  • Go to settings
  • Click on project my screen
  • When the name of Roku shows up click on it
  • Download the Roku com link app from the app store
  • Click on screen mirroring

This is how you can mirror your screen on the various devices.

Roku remote not working

All Roku device set ups come with a handy remote control. If it sometimes stops working or responding you may need to run a power cycle on the remote and remove and reinstall it’s batteries. After that you will be able to find a reset button near the battery compartment. You can reset the remote and then pair it again with the Roku device. The remote should start responding again.

Roku activation

Roku comes at an affordable price of $29.99 dollars and can be used to stream all your favorite shows on television on demand. Once you get your hands on your setup you can connect it to your television via the HDMI port using a HDMI cable. Once connected, you will need to connect your wireless internet connection to your Roku device. After you are done with that you can move ahead to make a Roku account. After making the account use your handy remote control to login to your device using the right credentials. That is all and you will have setup your Roku device. You can visit the Roku channel store and chose between paid and free channels you would want to watch. Watch all your favorite shows and movies on demand using the Roku streaming device.

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