FamiSafe family tracker: The best solution to track and control your child’s online activities

y is not only a day in which to propose initiatives to improve safety by the governments of the more than 150 countries involved, but it must involve children, youth, parents, teachers, social workers and even the industry. On many occasions, this is an especially difficult task for parents who do not know how to teach their children cybersecurity or Internet safety measures for children that they should take, for that reason we want to contribute our bit to this initiative by showing how to teach Internet safety for children. 

Parental mediation for the use of the Internet 

To protect minors on the Internet, it is necessary to employ a series of strategies in order to know and enjoy the network while preventing risks and detecting possible problems. At this point, it is necessary to earn their trust day by day and get involved in their online environment. 

You must be aware of their day to day on the Internet, knowing the apps they like and their online contacts from an environment of total trust, where the child feels free to tell you about any problem. In addition, it is also advisable to share online activities together to accompany them and spend quality time on the Internet, and guide them to enhance their social skills and critical thinking. 

Children must also understand the rules and limits imposed, for this they must be coherent, consistent and agreed, so that it is established how long and where they can use the Internet. In addition, in the pages and apps of common use, configure the privacy options in social networks together. 

Want to know the way you can let your children explore the web without worrying the possible risks? You need FamiSafe Parental Control App! This is a simple application but very useful in preventing any risks that may arise from using the Internet and related applications.

At its core, FamiSafe is an app designed to help you maintain some peace of mind when your children are old enough for their own devices. Developed exclusively for iOS and Android, FamiSafe targets the devices most children use today: smartphones. While a shared family computer is fairly easy to keep secure, smart devices like iPhones are difficult to keep track of, especially since they are likely attached to your child from the hip. FamiSafe makes it easy to track a cell phone, keeping your child safe, and is trusted by thousands of users around the world.

You can download the app by using the following three links:

Google Play

App Store

Amazon Store

Some main features provided by FamiSafe:

Activity Report

With this application, you can get reports about your children’s online activities. You can also find out what applications they have downloaded or even deleted. This way you can understand the extent to which they have strayed from the path they should have been. 

App Usage & Blocker

There are many applications that are dangerous or unsuitable for your children. The best examples are the ones related to dating searches. You can block these apps so that they can’t affect your kids anymore. 

Screen Time 

Screen time restrictions can prevent your kids from accessing their smartphones at inappropriate times and places. 

Web Content 

There are many websites with content that your children should not see. Blocking them is often the best way. 

Family Locator 

With this feature, you can rest easy because you can know their position at any time (provided they still have their smartphone with them). You can also create safe zones and get alerts when they leave the safe zones. 

Should you get FamiSafe?

FamiSafe is a powerful application that can help you protect your children from the dangers hidden behind the Internet. Although FamiSafe is very powerful, it is simple and easy to run. Its simplicity does not diminish its effectiveness in the slightest. And one more thing, it’s very affordable! Do not believe? Try to see the information below! 

FamiSafe has a number of pricing plans available to help you stay within your budget:

Monthly plan: $9.99/month

Annual plan: $59.99/year

Quarterly plan: $19.99/quarterly

Quite affordable right? With only not more than $10/month, you can use all the features and protect your children much better than before!

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