What Other Services Are Offered By Potomac Edison

FirstEnergy Corp. provides electrical utilities to customers and operates in different states across the US, under different names. It goes by the name Potomac Edison in Maryland and West Virginia, serving over 400,000 customers.

Every electrical utility company registered under FirstEnergy Corp. provides multiple services, some of which customers probably aren’t even aware of. Nonetheless, for those who want to acquire the services of First Energy WV and Maryland, i.e. Potomac Edison, here is a bit of an explanation and list of services that they provide.

Electrical Services

Licensed contractors and highly trained professionals that can handle anything from simple repairs to major projects. Here is a breakdown of their services to give you a clearer picture.

  • Interior and exterior lighting fixtures
  • Safety inspections
  • Repairs, remodelling, and any kind of electrical upgrade
  • Anything related to circuit breakers, fuses, and meters
  • Whole-house surge protection installation

They accept payment in full, via credit cards, and also through your monthly electricity bill.

Tree Services

It’s great that there’s always some greenery around in urban areas, but the flora is a safety hazard when it comes to any electrical work. FirstEnergy Corp. provides a Tree Service to solve problems while simultaneously protecting the tree.

They offer tree and stump removal, pruning and trimming of the branches, health maintenance of the tree, and emergency services. For instance, if after a thunderstorm some wires are caught up in the branches, you know who to call.

Surge Assistance

Electrical surges can cause damage to our electrical devices and appliances, which would be quite costly if you were to replace them. FirstEnergy Corp. offers a very comprehensive protection plan, which covers the repair or replacement cost of damaged electronics.

The general terms for acquiring a plan are as follows:

  • Costs range from $5.59 monthly, to $2000 per year, with several plans available – Terms and conditions apply.
  • No hidden fees
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Program approval is contingent upon approved credit, and the ability to charge the fee to the monthly electric bill.
  • The 30-day waiting period to make a claim


There are three types of lighting services offered by FirstEnergy Corp.

Landscape Lighting

For stylish lighting tailored specifically to your home. These include high quality, low voltage lights that are not only energy-efficient but cut down on the extra cost of electricity consumption, and come with a built-in timer to control the lighting throughout the day.

Post Lamps

Get a post lamp of your choice, whether a modern one or contemporary and enhance the look of your walkway. These are climate versatile and also have a matching pair to be mounted on the wall. Not only do they use energy-efficient LED lights, but are also automated – which means they can turn on and off on their own as the day progresses.

Security Lighting

Protect your home with security lights installed by FirstEnergy’s licensed professionals. Similar to landscape lights and post lamps, these floodlights with motion sensor technology are also energy-efficient and function automatically.

Home Insulation

What’s a better way to reduce your energy bills than to insulate your home? Make your home more comfortable and call a FirstEnergy Corp. consultant today.

Not only will you see reduced bills over time, but insulation will keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer. Other than that, it keeps outside noise at a minimum – the neighbour’s dog barking won’t be annoying you as much, nor the traffic outside in a rush hour.

These are merely some of the services that Potomac Edison, along with the rest of the electrical utility companies listed under FirstEnergy Corp provide their customers. Payment methods are quite simple, either through the monthly electric bills, or credit cards, and it’s only the best, licensed professionals that there to assist. FirstEnergy Corp’s quality of services is never a question.

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