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Features to Look For in a Computer Chair

Almost all desk jobs require you to sit for long hours in front of a laptop. And sitting for an extended period is not good for your health. But when your work requires you to spend a long time sitting, the only thing you can do is improve your body posture to minimize the strain and increase the chair’s comfort.

IT professionals, designers, writers, etc., will require computer chairs or PC chairs for maximum comfort and right posture—but what makes a great PC chair? A PC chair must have all the features that will provide comfort and assist in maintaining a proper body posture. If you are still confused about the important features to look for in a PC chair, don’t worry; read on to understand the essential qualities a PC chair must possess.

Essential features of a PC chair include:

  • Able to adjust the height

One should be able to change the chair’s height as per the requirement. Your chair might not be made to fit your desk correctly. You must be able to adjust the height so you can put your foot on the ground and maintain a proper hand position on the desk while sitting on the chair. Read more about How to find the best gaming chairs at affordable prices?

  • An adjustable backrest is necessary

It is necessary to have an adjustable backrest as well. It will allow you to adjust the chair to suit your work. The backrest must be able to be moved forward and backward without much pressure (with a lock system).

  • Look for a chair with lumbar support

The lumbar part of your body always bends forward and backward while sitting, and a computer chair must be ergonomically suited for your body to support this area. Your lower back must be supported so that it’s a bit arched forward to avoid slumping forward. This way, your body will have a proper posture all the time.

  • Look for sufficient seat depth and width

The chair must have enough space for you to sit comfortably. The gap between the back of your knee and the seat must be at least 2 to 4 inches. The ability to tile the seat forward and backward (slightly) is necessary.

  • Breathable material is ideal

The cushion and fabric of the chair must be chosen carefully. The seat is for long hours of sitting; hence, a piece of breathable fabric is an ideal choice. Plus, the cushion mustn’t be too hard or too soft.

  • Armrest is important

Well, there are very few to no computer chairs with no armrests—if you find one, don’t buy it. The armrest is vital for the support of the arms, and it will take away the strain from your neck and shoulders. Your arms will be able to recover from the fatigue soon if you take intermittent breaks between writing or typing.

  • Easy to adjust and control

Ensure that all the controls and settings are reachable/within your hand’s distance—a great computer chair can be controlled/adjustable by just moving your hand. If you need to get up and look for the bars, handles to adjust the chair, better look for another brand or model.

  • Swivel and casters are great

Whether it’s your office or home, you need to move and turn while sitting on your chair. And that’s only possible if you have a computer chair with a swivel and casters.

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