Fix Netgear Nighthawk Router Firmware Update Failing Issue?

Nighthawk routers are great WiFi devices by Netgear. The company, every now and then, updates these WiFi devices by introducing new firmware versions for various models. Sometimes, an outdated firmware version can lead to issues with the performance of a WiFi device. Users, to avoid doing the firmware update of their Nighthawk manually, often opt for an automatic firmware update option. But, what if the automatic firmware update option fails to do the task for you? Well, worry not! You can fix the Netgear Nighthawk Router Firmware Update Failing Issue by following the steps listed below.

Fix Netgear Nighthawk Firmware Update Issues

Power Cycle Your Nighthawk

  • The first step you can use to fix the firmware update issue is to reboot it. All you need to do is, unplug your router from its power outlet after disconnecting it from all your devices,
  • Wait for a few moments.
  • Now, again connect your Nighthawk to your devices. Make sure all the connections are proper and finger-tight.
  • Power up the Nighthawk router again and check if it is detecting an auto firmware update option or not.

Relocate your Nighthawk

It seems as if you have not placed your Nighthawk at the right location while doing the process of the Nighthawk router setup. Make sure your Nighthawk is in the range of your modem and not close to the things that could cause signal interference. To name a few, some of such obstructions are baby monitors, concrete walls, Bluetooth speakers, aluminum stud, metal objects, refrigerators, fish tanks, and reflexive surfaces.

Check the WiFi connectivity of your Nighthawk

Make sure all the wires connected to your Nighthawk are receiving sufficient power supply. If you can’t find proper internet connectivity even after installing all the wires in a proper manner, then you will have no other option than to perform netgear router login reset.

In case the issue still persists and you can’t see auto firmware update working for your Nighthawk, the only way you are left with is to update your router manually. Steps to get the latest Nighthawk router firmware version are listed below.

Updating The Firmware Of Netgear Nighthawk Router Using Manual Method

  • Visit the download center of Netgear to find the most recent version of firmware for your Nighthawk router.
  • Once determined, download it on your PC.
  • Next, launch your web browser and go to login .
  • Enter your Nighthawk router’s username and password and hit Log In.
  • Now, locate and select the ‘Firmware Update’ option.
  • The firmware update process for your Nighthawk will begin.
  • Upload the latest firmware version from the location where you have saved the downloaded file.

If the firmware of your Nighthawk still not getting updated, then you should ask the experts for assistance.

If the firmware of your Nighthawk still not getting updated, then you should ask the experts for assistance. They will guide you all about the Netgear Nighthawk firmware update process in the most suited manner.

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