Attending online Internship using Tp Link Repeater

Tp Link Repeater – This whole year has been very difficult and quite stressful. Everything has become online now, ranging from work to school. Everybody is now sitting slouched in front of their laptops. I am an Engineering student who wanted to pursue an internship. But ever since the lockdown began all opportunities where now available from the comfort of my home. I could study as well as intern using my laptop. It was a dream come true as there was a considerable amount of stress that went away. As I was looking for various companies to do my internship from, it became clear to me that I couldn’t afford any silly issues like network problems or data insufficiency.

This stuff was professional and needed to be treated as such. So I looked at my router for problems and found that there were quite a few things that were wrong with it. Firstly, it has terrible range and it lagged a lot when I was further away from it. The speed also wasn’t very consistent. There were a lot of connective drops and dead zones. These things were too difficult and could cost me a lot if I didn’t fix them. I then researched for a repeater that would fit in my budget and bought it. The tplink repeater would prove to be most useful as it was very user friendly to install and use. I no longer had the issues that I was plagued with as the repeater took care of them. To top it all of the setup was just as easy to do using the setup.

Setting up the Tp Link Repeater

It didn’t take long for me to get the device up and running. While the setup was very easy I doubt it will be difficult for a layperson to do so. To initiate a tplink repeater browser setup, you need to connect the repeater into a socket and turn it on. Then plug in an ethernet cable into your pc and attach it to the repeater to connect to it wirelessly and type in the default i.p address in the address bar of your web browser. This will open up the default gateway through which you can control your repeater. To enter into it, fill in the appropriate details which are present on the back side of the repeater. Now head over to the Wi-Fi tab and search for the name of your Wi-Fi router and connect to it by entering the password. This will establish a connection. However, I don’t think everyone would want to do the setup via this method as there is another easier way to do it.

Setup Tp Link Repeater with WPS

To setup the repeater the easy way, just press the WPS button on both the router and the repeater and wait for them to establish a connection. It is actually that simple. Furthermore, there are a number of features that you can use such as setting up a different Access Point. To setup a different access point, head over to admin page and click on the Wi-Fi settings and turn on the AP mode. This will enable you to use the Wi-Fi router’s connection but under a different ssid providing you with more privacy and security. Now change the ssid and password to whatever you like and that concludes the ap setup.

Repeater Troubleshooting

If you find any issues with your repeater such as not working, then refer to the instructions manual for a solution by reading the commonly reported issues. However, if that failed to yield any result then try and login rebooting your repeater. Also try resetting the repeater by pressing the reset button and reinstalling it. Then update it to the latest firmware from the default gateway. This erases any bugs if present and reverts the system back to its default settings. Please keep in mind to only change the settings that you know otherwise, it may mess up your experience and cause unnecessary problems in the future. If you have any doubts regarding the setup feel free to contact the tplink customer care regarding it and also make sure to mention the make and model number of the device.

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