Getting Treatment For Back Pain in Great Neck, NY

Back pain is one of the major concerns in the US, with nearly everyone complaining about pain in their back every day. The kind of pain can vary, as people often talk about numbness and pain that even shoots down to their leg. You may wonder what the cause is, it depends on leading a sedentary life to aging-related degenerative changes, and the reason for each one can differ. Sometimes it may even be caused by inflammatory arthritic disorders or other illnesses. Whatever the reason may be, a surgeon for back pain Great Neck can help you. 

Causes of back pain:

As we discussed there can be many, but let us look at some of the most common causes of back pain. The most common reason for back pain could be a bad fitness level. Suppose you have weak abdominal and back muscles, it can cause pain as it is not enough to support the spine. On a different note, exercising too much can even cause back pain.

Age and heredity can also play a significant role in this. There is, of course, the reason for weight gain as well. Having too many calories in a day and a high intake of food can lead to obesity which may strain the back.  

Similarly, if you work on a job site that requires heavy lifting and too much pressure, even that can cause pain. Those who have desk jobs and spend most of their hours sitting in front of their laptop also complain about occasional back pain. Meanwhile, if you have a desk job, we recommend getting a wooden or rocking chair, as it relieves pain.

Types of back pain:

It is worth mentioning that there are different kinds of back pain. There is the kind called acute back pain and this kind of pain can last a few days to a few weeks. Acute pain has a tendency of coming on suddenly. Similarly, subacute back pain can also come at any time and can last between 4-12 weeks. The third kind is chronic pain. Chronic pain can develop fast and can happen every day. 

Final thoughts:

Wondering when to see a specialist? If you feel like the pain is too much to handle and it is affecting your daily life. As in, you are unable to carry out significant tasks, you should get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible.

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