How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Container Overseas?

Container haulage can contain the shipping and transportation of any kind of materials be it household items or business-related products like foods or medicines in bulk, construction or maintaining equipment, vehicles and even livestock etc. This transportation or haulage can also either be local, inter-city or international.

House moving is mostly done locally and within the bounds of the same city or country but businesses and industries regularly ship products out of the state and overseas. House moving is also not completely unheard of on an international level, so how much does it cost to send a container of household or business products overseas?

If we look at the costs of the containers being shipped and arrived at various places, we can get a close estimate. Container haulage Felixstowe operations and packages coming in internationally cost about $2000 to $3000 per container approximately. However, there are factors that can influence the overall cost and the cost might vary depending on these factors within various operations or scenarios.

Size Of the Load

One of the significant factors affecting the costs is the size of the load that you intend to ship overseas. The professional hauliers divide the load size into two categories.

  • Full Container Load

This means that your load is sufficient enough to take up a whole container size and have it filled. This does not mean that the container needs to be filled to its capacity fully. There may have been some room in the container but you just want your goods to be transported separately and securely. However, if you want to book a whole container, you will have to pay accordingly.

  • Less Than Container Load

This means that you have a small amount of cargo or goods to ship and hence the products are sent along with other people’s goods sharing the same container. The cost of this method is usually lower as compared to the full container load.

Container Size

The next significant factor is the size of the container that you choose. The size of different containers can range anywhere from 20 feet to 50 feet. The most commonly used are the 20 feet and 40 feet ones. If your cargo needs a bigger sized container, you’ll have to pay more as compared to the smaller sized ones.

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Method Of Shipping

Transporting goods are done by either land or water or air. Land shipping consisting of roads and railways is good for transporting locally or inter-city. However, overseas shipping is only possible by either container ships or air freight. The latter is fast and effective however, the cost is very pricey and high.

Sea freights may take a few days or even weeks to reach the destination like most of the container haulage Felixstowe deliveries, but it’s an affordable and secure option.

Loading And Delivery

If you can do the loading and unloading of the cargo yourself instead of the haulage company or service doing it, you save the cost of loading. Also port to port or door to door services will have varied charges with the latter being high.

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